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  1. First off, I'm not sure this is the right subforum or indeed if this thread actually has a point.

    I'm turning 23 in about a month; more or less I've been playing for 10 years now. Wouldn't be a stretch to say that the last one has been pretty much the hardest & more important year of my life, as I've moved out from my parent's house to another city, got a job and since last month i've moved in with my girlfriend in a small apartment.

    When I lived back at my parents', I never accomplished much musically: in the first years I played with a metal band made by school friends, we did a handful of gigs but the band broke up after a couple years. I then spent a lot of time in the woodshed, eventually developing some good chops but never really taking the time to study up on theory or even learning to go by ear; just tabs and mechanical memory.

    I should mention I'm an autodidact for the most part; I took lessons the first two years but really got into the instrument on the 3rd/4th year.
    Over the last 3-4 years I've begun to really use my ears and be able to learn stuff by ear, think up some basslines etc. and it's been very satisfying. Still no theory though, aside from learning where the notes are on the fretboard.

    After I moved here I immediately started working towards getting a decent band: I auditioned for a 70's originals prog band with a CD out and a second one in the works and they took me, and since joining them (while I don't really care much for the music and there's hasn't been money involved yet) I can feel I've improved a lot.

    Meanwhile I've also been trying to get a good cover band running, but it seems I've only wasted time so far: the first project I joined wasn't really serious and disbanded over the summer; I then joined some guys who were starting a RHCP tribute and i was having fun, but just after firing the guitarist who couldn't really do his job last month, the drummer (who was very good) had a car accident so won't be able to play for a while... I'm pretty sad about this, the band was starting to shape up decently and we managed to do a lot of work in little time. And I've yet to play a gig since I've been here (about 1yr).

    Now I contacted a working band that's looking for a replacment bassist (mostly pop italian stuff which I'd never listen to in my own time), have to hear them back for an audition.
    I'd love to start an originals project playing what I like (post rockish stuff, noise, maybe throw in some 'tronics and who knows) but I don't think I really have the time, since I would already have two bands and would have a hard time finding space for everything. The fact that, due to transportation, my 8hr workday becomes 12hr definitely isn't helping. Plus pay is crap but that's another story.
    I'm starting to get serious about studying theory but it wouldn't be the first time I try. For now i'm following the course, I'm just restudying the little I know and i'm afraid I will drop out of it soon as I get to whatever i can't get my head around in short time. I should probably mention I wanna get to pro or semi-pro level... And yes, I realise it ain't gonna happen if I don't apply myself.

    So I guess I'm here asking for advice, maybe direction or something. Motivation, probably.
    I apologise if this thread may sound confused but I have terrible writing skills & it's not my native language.
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    Jul 9, 2007
    In the late 80's I was in a hair-metal band and we had a drummer who filled in for us after we sacked every drummer we had. This guy was the best I've ever played with. Played great ,nice person, knew his theory backwards. His main income was from touring with Norman Wisdom and jazz tours. He could play anything.
    The first time we played together the first song we tried was Tom Sawyer. The guitar player asked him if he had learned it, he said no need I've got written all down. He had written the drum parts in musical notation for drums. That was impressive.
    He also filled in for bands with drummers who could cut it in the studio.
    He moved to LA in the 90's and plays a lot of the Vegas shows. Last one I know of was the American production of Spamalot.
    Learn theory it will reward you as a player and allow you to jump in and play from the start with any band you are in and help with auditions and deps. That prog band sounds interesting.
    Good luck.
  3. Thanks for your post. You can hear "them" (old bassist in the video) here:
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    Jul 9, 2007
    Wow, liking them a lot. Right up my street. Would love to play with the drummer, very cool.
  5. Yeah he's pretty amazing. Knows more about music theory than I do.
    Guitarist and keyboardist are also top notch. I enjoy playing with them very much though the music is not really my kind.