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My name is Don and I am an alcoho...

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by D.Don, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Or not really, but I never had the slightest idea that I should become interested in playing the bass.

    I am a keyboardplayer/composer/recordist, and works with management and marketing for a living (my own business in the software industry). Most well paid tune so far was an 8 sec theme for YSL (smelly stuff), http://www.ysl-m7.com/

    It all started as an idea to get a cheap ibanez or squire or something to use for my sketches of the music I compose, but my business partner thought that "Naah let's buy you a good but not expensive bass instead", and we went out shopping for a Peavey Grindbass, per his recommendation (as he plays both git and bass).

    All stores in the music-retail hoods where out of stock with it for some reason, and when we went in to the last store, a second hand shop, we stumbled right over a 5-string fretless that looked pretty much like a grindbass, and for only 350 eur.

    First I got scared, hmm, fretless, I dont even know how to play the bass, though I am pretty ok on guitar, so after fooling around with it for some minutes in the store, we made a deal, that if I could'nt grasp the concept of fretless, he'd order me a brand new grindbass, and take this one.

    Oh my if he regrets now that he did not purchase it for him self right away.. I have found out after lots of research and finally contacting Peavey that it's a C5/Zephyr, only sold during a limited time in Europe only, and we are not sure if the de-fret is factory or luthiere, but it sure feels great!

    And me, I am happy starting from that direction, as I could not play the bass at all from the start, it was really no big deal, starting with frets, or without, was just a matter of discipline, and I love it, I have a hard time imagining ever getting a fretted bass now.

    After a few weeks, when I finally got my practice books, it all started to develop to a nice offline hobby, which is fantastic since I spend way too much time staring in that macbook screen. So now I spend at least 1h per day practicing or just playing, and at least one day a week about 2-3 hours focused on practice and playing as well.

    So here I am, newborn since just a couple of months, and after I got my training amp, the circus started, pedals are fun, and I am quite interested in not only my bass practice, but also about getting a sound I like, so thats how I ended up here, searching for some nice ideas and tips for great not too expensive pedals.


  2. great going! welcome to TB
  3. The BurgerMeister

    The BurgerMeister musician.

    Apr 13, 2006
    Big Bear, CA
    right on! welcome!
  4. Cheers dudes!

  5. fenderhutz

    fenderhutz Supporting Member

    Jan 28, 2007
    Harpers Ferry WV
  6. What are you waiting for?


  7. grace & groove

    grace & groove

    Nov 30, 2005
    Self-Appointed Ambassador to the Dragonfly
    Welcome to TB sir!
  8. Cheers!

  9. ryco


    Apr 24, 2005
    Ya came to the right place!! Welcome! :bassist:

    I think he's waiting for you to post a pic of your Zephyr. No pix = no bass!

    Have fun!! :D
  10. Thank!


    Picture is already ULed in "show ur bass" thread some other threads as well, will see if I can find the link and post it here too.


  11. Here we go, Peavey C5/Zephyr V Fretless.




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