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My New Acme Low B-2 (4 Ohm)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by CaptainWally, Nov 8, 2000.

  1. I ordered an Acme Low B-2 a couple of weeks ago
    and I received it yesterday. Until now, I have
    been playing through an Eden 2x10 XLT which is a
    nice cabinet, I must say.

    I had never heard the Acme before ordering it. I
    decided to give it a try given all the customer
    comments and reviews. My main motivation for the
    switch was the size...it's WAY smaller than the Eden and
    weighs less too (50 lbs. vs 67 lbs). The Eden is
    like carrying a TV set and it doesn't fit in my
    trunk (not a small car either). I was even willing
    to sacrifice a little tone in order to have an easier
    time carrying my crap around.

    Well, I haven't had a chance to really turn this
    sucker up, but in playing through it for an hour
    or so, I REALLY dig the low coloration. I have
    a Lakland 55-94, an expensive bass, and I feel like
    I finally hearing the bass I paid out the wazoo to
    hear! I know the caveat might be that I don't have
    enough power to play bigger gigs (I have an Ampeg
    SVTIIIpro @ 450watts), but I'm hopeful this will
    work out. Anyway, I think I'm an Acme kind of guy
    now! Any thoughts on running the Acme w/ the Ampeg?

    Anyone want to buy an Eden 2x10 XLT 8 ohm? (bay area)
  2. I'm pretty sure you're going to find you are in the ballpark for power, although another 100-200 watts would help. You'll probably clip the Ampeg regularly, and that's hard on the speakers.

    Be careful.

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