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  1. Well, I've been researching new gear for about two months, and the time finally came to head up to L.A. (from San Deigo) yesterday and test stuff out. I had pretty much decided to go all Eden although I hadn't played much of their stuff. So I went to the L.A. bass exchange, (cool stuff) and brought my musicman and my mackie 1400 to A/B everything in the store. I ended up comparing the Eden to the Aguilar (410 XLT to GS410 and Navigator to DB 659) I tried just about every combo switching pre's and cabs and I ended up walking out the Aguilar GS 410 and the DB 659 preamp. The Eden was really boxy and harsh, way too bright for me. The Aguilar is really smooth and thick. I played the new gear today and it sounds incredible. Well, that's all, just thought I'd inform the TB community of another happy Aguilar user.

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    Jun 20, 2001
    N.E. PA
    Very Cool Chris !!!!

    I'm lookin' to go the pre/power thing.......and get an Aguilar DB680.....not sure of the power amp yet.

    Did you try that ???

  3. No, I didn't try the 680, I don't think the Bass Exchange had one in stock, but I fell in love with the 659 as soon as I heard it. It wasn't even close between the aguilar and the eden.