My new amp, woohoo !!

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  1. 2 weeks ago i ordered a Hartke 4000 head, but today the store where i ordered it told me that it would take a " bit " longer than they expected..

    so i went over there, and browsed a bit for another head..
    i found one, and hooked it up to some cabs. it rocked !
    the 4x10" has sublime tone, and even the B-string sounds nice and tight. so i sat there.. playing with the amp and cabs for nearly 3 hours strait :D and then i decided to buy it.
    so.. now i am the proud owner of :

    - SWR Workingman 4004
    - Eden CX410 cab

    total price : $ 1284

    and when i scrounge up enough cash again i'll add a
    Eden CX1015 ( 1x10" + 1x15" costs $ 790 ) to the set.. man it rocks :D

    woohoo !! :)
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    Oct 21, 2000
    Sandy Eggo, CA
    Wow! Sounds sweet :)

    Good choice.....