my new cabinet.

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  1. the guitarist of my band's mom garbage picked him a is a 210 with a horn. it looks to be home made. But it didnt sound good on guitar so today when we were practicing, i hooked it up with my ampeg b2 and my fender 115 and it sounded great. Im lucky to get a good conditioned 210 for free.just wanted to share.And it has a button on the back...i dont know what it could do?
  2. jani_bjorklund


    May 22, 2002
    Yeah! Your lucky to get it for free. I also have a Fender 115 cab and I added a Hartke 2x10 for clarity. Really makes a difference. I had to pay 250 euros = 250 $ for the used 2x10 cab! I would guess the button is for switching of the horn.