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My New Eden Combo

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Dave44, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. Just a quick review of my CXC 1015C Combo. After 4 rehearsals with the band we have all come to the conclusion that I bought the right stuff, it sounds great no two ways about it. Best sound that has ever come from my bass. I did get myself a Boss EQ to help me with shaping my sound untill I can figure out the parametric EQ and how it works. I just find it easier using a graph for now. I have no way of playing with the amp, I live in an apartment and can't turn up my amp to hear and play with the settings so the only place to do this is at rehearsal but we have a lot of gigs coming up (work work work) and no time to play with the controls hence the Boss EQ. My first gig is this Sunday at a 10 band Canada Day Fest, outdoors, so a good test.

    I highly recommend this combo series, and once I eventually add a 2X10 cab I'll be set for life.... Mabey. Anyhow, Thanx again to all who helped me make my Bass sing, swing and sting, Love it.

  2. virtual.ray


    Oct 25, 2000
    Did you get the 300 or the 400 watt version?
  3. I have the 400 watt version, with the current cab set up it's 225 watts I believe, but when I add that 2X10 cab it's now 400 watts.
  4. i have the CX210 at home. very nice cab indeed :) will make good addition to the 1015 :)

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