My new Franken Bass!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by JoeDaddio, May 25, 2012.

  1. JoeDaddio

    JoeDaddio Supporting Member

    She's almost complete.

    Years ago I bought a fretless SX jazz and discovered that i am not a fretless player. So i had plans to put a fretted neck on it and upgrade everything on it.

    I gave the body to a friend to paint, because I thought he'd do a good job. The paint came out *miserable.* Lots of drips, uneven, just bad.

    So everything sat for long time till I got a wild hair and decided that i could just take care of it myself.

    I stripped the paint off, sanded it, primed it, and threw on a cheap Rust-Oleum paint job. Still a crappy paint job, but a hundred times better than the paint I took off.

    Bought a Warmoth neck from a great TBer here, and started putting it together last night.

    I don't have the pups wired in, and I've still gotta drill some holes for the pick guard (filled in the old ones, different PG) and machine heads, but I think it's coming together nicely. Even better was that I had all the parts in a box, ready to go!

    SX body
    Warmoth P neck
    Schaller tuners
    BA II bridge
    Bassline 1/4 jazz pickups (I wired it up with CTS pots)
    Warmoth pick guard and knobs

    I think I'll like her. Hoping she'll have a good sound.

    The only issue, and I'm not sure how it happened, is that one of the leads coming from the neck pickup is almost disconnected from the pickup, so I'm going to have to try to solder it back in there somehow. Not sure how that happened with it sitting in a box all these years, but whattareyagunnado.

    Also: the pick guard and wiring harness plate don't line up all that well. Oh well. Keeping it a little rock and roll: crummy paint, not quite fi together parts bass!

    Couple of photos:



  2. JoeDaddio

    JoeDaddio Supporting Member

    Finished it!



    Gotta trim the pick guard, that 21st fret is getting in the way, but she plays well. It's a PITA to adjust the neck as i've got to take it off to adjust the truss. The action is higher than i prefer, so it'll take some tweaking to get right, but it sounds big and throaty, so I am diggin it!

  3. I have a franken jazz with a p neck as well... You are going to love it!

  4. JoeDaddio

    JoeDaddio Supporting Member


    The Jazz neck with the P body seems to be fairly popular. I may just not be paying attention but the J body and P neck seems to get less love. I just loves me some chunky P neck!

  5. Warmoth necks are great!!! sure you will love it!!!
  6. Defo less love. My hands are to big for a Jazz neck. I am 6' 4". Jazz body and P neck are not so popular.

    Squier VM Precision Neck
    SH101 Body which I gave the stealth treatment (from the stealth thread)
    Fender MiM pickups
    Tone cap from my Squier VM P
    Fender MIM bridge

    I put this bass together myself and the only thing I bought was the body for $45. She is my main player over 2 other fenders. It sounds amazing.

    When you set a bass up to your spec's you like, it is like getting your own signature or custom shop bass. Its great.
  7. JoeDaddio

    JoeDaddio Supporting Member

    Bought this neck from a TBer on here just a couple weeks ago. The rosewood looks nicer than the rosewood on my American P.

    The thing my P has over this neck though is a more satin finished neck, which I prefer over the gloss finish on the Warmoth.

  8. salcott

    salcott Supporting Member

    Aug 22, 2007
    NYC, Inwood.
    Before you do the final assembly, why don't you take out just enough wood at the neck/body joint to have easy access to the truss rod?
  9. JoeDaddio

    JoeDaddio Supporting Member

    If I had the woodworking tools and know-how I'd do it in a heartbeat. I don't have either of those things, so I suppose I'll have to suffer every once in a while :)

  10. Oh wow that looks great , in the future a matching headstock with the black hardware would kill.
  11. JoeDaddio

    JoeDaddio Supporting Member

    thanks man!

    The paint job is lacking quite a bit. it's a little hard to tell from far away, but up close it's pretty glaring.

    I'm not too worried about it, personally, but if I were to find a Jazz body in a similar color, or if I've ever got money to burn to get something from Warmoth I would love to make the matching headstock happen.

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