my new Lakland JO4

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    Sep 10, 2013
    just got back from Chicago (live just outside Cinti,Oh) and found a dealer "Midlothian Music" Orland Park,Ill that had about 40 USA Laklands in stock. I actually went to Bass Club Chicago with the intention of purchasing a new Sadowsky Tokyo. I had never played one but all the hype on this site had me wanting one... I played 4 different models and did not care for the neck feel of any of them. also they had HB pick ups but all had a loud hum. I was playng thru bergantino cab? and genz benz head. then I p/u the USA 44-60 and I knew I had to have one! I purchased trans white w/matching headstock so I am greatly over my budget but hopefully I can sell my fender av 1975 I purchased 2 mos ago to offset costs. one gripe I have is Lakland no loger ships w/wooden/Tolex case, they have those tweed covered flimsy piece of s*** made in china compressed cardboard junkers, what a joke! I paid a small upcharge and bought the Tolex. Anyway, if you can afford the USA Lakland, contact John @ Midlothian Music near Chicago, he discounted the bass, gave me top wholesale plus some on my trade, he and his staff are very very patient as I was in the store for 2 days playing every 44-60 he had in stock and then some!
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    Great news!!!


    I have the same feeling about the necks...sadowsky makes some GREAT instruments...just not comfortable to my hands!

    you need to post pics in the Lakland Owners Group (LOG) thread!