My new lovely ampeg stuff

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  1. at last my 210 came from the bass centre, and so i'm gonna post a pic of the whole lot

    SVT 210HE

    it sounds great and i reckon its gonna serve me well for a good many years!


  2. Looks like a nice investment! Now you just need a giant rack with a bunch of other stuff like wireless and tuners and power conditioners to go with it!

  3. That's a great and fairly portable rig. Enjoy!
  4. PorphyaPlayer14

    PorphyaPlayer14 Guest

    Feb 2, 2002
    Awesome! this rig looks sweet and I think you will be able to blow off a few heads with it, hope it sounds as good as it looks! Good luck! One thing though make sure the ohms are even with your head, I wouldn't want to a see a wonderful rig such as this one go down the drain. I think it does though because according to ampeg or if I remember correctly the 210he is 8 ohmns and the 15he is 8 ohms which makes 4 ohms which gives you 350 watts out of your B-2R . So pump up the volume and blow everyone away! Have fun!

    Your Bass Player Friend Erik.
  5. Your ohm maths would be correct there! :)

    Next i wanna get a small 1x10 or 1x12 for practising, and a rack box to put the B-2R in along with a rack tuner and an Aphex 204, fortunatly i start uni soon and get a lovely student loan, i'v opted to live on beans for a bit :D

  6. Very nice set up! Bet it does sound sweet and full, especially with a RIC goin' through it! Enjoy, that's a dream set up if ever I saw one!:D
  7. i'm afraid it won't be having a ric put through it, but then i don't like Ric's :) (flinches away from everyone)
    Its got a great solid, even tone, so now i can run by basses EQ flat which is cool.

  8. Ooooops! I read the wrong profile! Enjoy, whatever you play.
  9. FunkySpoo

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    Feb 6, 2002
    Keep the windows open :eek:
  10. you mean Uni accomodation has windows? :eek:
    Its gonna be better then i thought :D

  11. Yogi Bear

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    Aug 14, 2000
    Very cool, nice rig!