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My new MIM Fretless Jazz

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by FearandLoathing, Feb 15, 2002.

  1. I just gt my MIM Fretless Jazz in the mail and I was wondering if any of you could tel me if it would mess up the fretboard if I but Round wounds on instead of Tapes ? :confused:
  2. Hey, great purchase man! I've got one and I love it! Unfortunately I'll be changing the neck to a custom fretted one by summer. But I also use roundwounds on mine and yes, there is a little bit of wear, but nothing to freak out about. We're not talking about a $5000 bass here so I have no probably giving mine a few "character scars". Besides, I think you sacrifice a lot in tone when you go to flatwounds (ducking as I run for cover...). I like having that extra bit of brightness without having to extensively e.q..

    Anyhow, it all depends on how hard you play with your left hand. That dictates the amount of wear on the fretboard. Techniques such as bending will also give you extra wear marks too. But to wrap it up, I'd say don't worry about using roundwounds. I think most people do. You could also apply a coat of epoxy or polyurethane to the board too to make it tougher and more resilient.