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My new mini-rig! ((Acoustic+Ampeg content))

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by tZer, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. OK - Long story, short;

    Joined a band last fall - small bars, small stages.

    SVT fridge = too big...

    Borrowed friend's Crate BX100 (LOVED using it, by the way! It was a great little combo!) - BUT, can't keep borrowing it forever, so...

    Sold my Strat and Fender Frontman 25 on CL and bought...


    OK - right... speakers are good, but there's something missing...

    Right! This;


    OK - let me tell you... I thought I was so spoiled by my SVT II Pro + 810e... Come on... classic (almost) setup! How can you not feel a little spoiled, right?

    Well I just came in from the garage after hooking up my new "little" rig for the first time and I was absolutely blown away by how great it sounds!

    The Acoustic is loud as I'll ever need and the eq controls are fantastic! I am no gear head, so I can't get all tech talk on ya, but I can tell you I dialed in so many killer sounds - fat slap, middy punk, deep country, woody folk - no territory goes untouched. My Jazz V (fairly new strings) NEVER SOUNDED BETTER - NOT EVEN THROUGH THE 810 AND SVT II Pro!

    And I have a gig tomorrow night!


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