My new pedal board

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  1. Ive never really given pedals and effects much thought until recently. Im kind of handy I guess you could say so I decided to build my own pedal board.

    It only cost me about $6 dollars in materials besides the paint. I had to buy a lot of cans of paint at 3-4 dollars a piece, but in the end I maybe only used one full can total. I used half of a can of clear coat, and I should have used more. I figure I have about $12 in it total.

    I put a couple 12 gauge primers in the front and even came up with a cheesy name brand.

    I thought about making some plain black ones and trying to sell them. I don't know though.

    Pre paint. I beveled the edges. I didn't want my patch cables rubbing on a sharp surface. If I built another one I would probably do the edges on the under side as well.

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    Slick. What's it weigh?
  3. Its less then the weight of one 1''x6''x8' pine board. I used one board of this size to make it and I had scrap left over. So its not heavy at all until you put pedals on it, and then put it in a suitcase.
  4. Looks great! Nice work.

    Just beware of Pedaltrain if you're considering selling. They're known to put a LOT of pressure on even the smallest of builders if their boards even have one slot on the top.
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    What is the best tonewood for pedal boards?
  6. The best is Rock Maple

    Great looking board, but maybe not necessary to paint the areas to be covered in velcro and pedals? I don't mean to give you a back-handed compliment, just save you some time and effort – it's, as already stated, a great looking board!
  7. I think it would look kind of half-a$$ed if he didn't
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    What is the best pedal board for metal? Maybe this one, but covered in metal spikes?
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  9. True.

    I'm just lazy, and once covered in velcro and pedals all you'll see is the lovely colourful sides... so, yes, half-asterisked, like me. :laugh:
  10. The Velcro does cover the top, but it sticks better with the paint/clearcoat.
  11. My buddy also splatter painted his board, he doesn't use Velcro though. He uses bicycle chain links and screws the pedals into the wood.