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  1. watt (or anyone who can help),
    i just brought home my first rickenbacker bass that i scored used for a nice econo price. nice natural finish, two inputs, one for the "rick sound" one for stanard...real nice piece. the thing is it needs a neck adjustment as the action is way to high (probably perfect for you watt!). so i took the truss rod plate off on the head stock to give it a tweek and what do i find but TWO TRUSS RODS!!! i totally forgot that ricks were like this.
    now watt, i know that kira uses a rickenbacker and i was wondering if you may know how to go about tweeking this thing. any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Not to steal Mr. Watt's thunder, but you may want to take a look at The Rickenbacker Forum. Trussrod adjustment can be a bit tricky on older models, but it's well covered there.

    Enjoy the Ric!
  3. watt

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    mister heavyduty,

    good advice. truss rod adjustment can be tricky and a double truss rod even trickier! be careful to prevent any neck warp.

    on bass, watt