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My new rig is Finally put together!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Jim Ingraham, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. Jim Ingraham

    Jim Ingraham

    Nov 14, 2002
    After about 3 months of buying, returning, buying, selling, buying some more i finally have a versatile, relatively cheap rig that sounds (to me anyway) awesome.
    My criteria were light weight (no piece over 50lbs.), medium power but a big bottom end when i need it and under a thousand bucks. So i picked up used Eden WT400 off a fellow TBer, a new Avatar B210, and an unloaded B115 which I recut to take my old Black Widow 18..total cost 975.
    Speakers just came today so I havent had a chance to play it live yet but it sure rattles windows and churns guts!! I love the B210.. i just sold a D-210XLT to pay for the Avatars and think i prefer the voicing of the Avatar. And empty B115 makes a perfect cab for the 18
    Well Im going back to piss off the neighbors some more:bassist:
  2. rayzak


    Jan 13, 2001
    Louisville, KY
    Hey Jim, sweet rig. Nicely done keeping it under a grand. Enjoy:)
  3. DougD

    DougD Bassman7654

    Sep 19, 2002
    North Las Vegas NV
  4. bassmonkeee

    bassmonkeee Supporting Member

    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA
    Nice rig!

    Nice Curbow, too!