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  1. hey guys i just got a new rig last night. i bought a swr( pre fender) golaith jr iii 2x10 and a son of bertha 1x15 to replace my Flite 4x10 and 1x18.

    i bought this for two reasons 1 i wanted to down size my set up and B i don't recomend Flite cabs for heavy giging gigs. the screws that hold the speakers in kept coming loose and the cabinet buzzes like cazy now. but it's not my problem anymore. i sold it to another music store.

    any one have any experience giging with the swr's that i bought?

    my set up is now the 2 swr's an ampeg svt3 pro head and a fender P bass ti Lane poor P and J pickups. and soon i will have my custom Semihollow singlecut away 6 string:D
  2. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    How much did you pay for it all?
  3. i paid about $1100 for the cabs i already had the head
  4. last night was the first time ki used my new rig for practice. it sounded great lots of bottom and just enough highs and mids. it was so much louder than my old set up the drummer was like " whoa man, you too loud now, i said so ?? but seriously it sounds great and i am happily relieved of some major G.A.S. not just have to wait for my custom 6 string to be finished which sould be about 3 weeks( i hope).
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