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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bassman60, Aug 23, 2001.

  1. bassman60

    bassman60 Guest

    Jun 5, 2001
    Hey guys, I finally got my new Peavey rig and I really like it. It is a Peavey Firebass 700 and a 4x10 TVX cab 8 ohm. I was wondering if you guys could suggest another speaker cab to compliment this setup. I have looked at a David Eden 1x15 and an SWR Big Ben 1x18. My only problem is, is that the Peavey cab is really wide and deep, a little wider and deeper than these two cabs. Do you think it might be dangerous to stack them if the Peavey is wider than the 1x18 or 1x15 or do you think it would be pretty sturdy? The dimensions for the Peavey are: 24.5"w X 19.2"d X 28.25"h. The dimensions for the SWR Big Ben 1x18 (which is the one I prefer) are 23"w X 18.5"d X 30.5"H. what do you guys think? Would it be safe to stack? If not, is there any way I could stack it to where it would be? maybe do something to keep it balanced. give me some feedback. thanks

  2. Mario Lewis

    Mario Lewis

    Jul 6, 2001
    Clinton, MD
    I'm a big rig kind of guy. I figure I've still got the back for it, so why not. Have you considered another 410? I hear that the Peavey cabs can handle the lows, and you wouldn't have to worry about the stacking issue. I've played 810 setups for a couple of years, and prefer to retain the punch that 10's give. Although, I recently became an Epifani 212 convert, I still remember the 810 days. :cool:
  3. FalsehoodBass

    FalsehoodBass Guest

    Jul 22, 2001
    Denver, CO
    im not a fan of mixing cab brands... but if you put the swr on its side... i don' t believe the extra inch of depth on the 410 would be a problem.
  4. grooveguru


    Sep 14, 2000
    Central PA
    If you want an 18 cab go for the Peavey. Cheap, Reliable, same look and the same size.
  5. dirk

    dirk Guest

    Apr 6, 2000
    Memphis, TN
    Actually Peavey doesn't make an 18. They do make a 15 though, but i've never played one before. What do you think of the Firebass? I've been considering one of the Peavey heads, but first need to sell my combo.