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my new spector ns-4

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by 513rocks.com, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. 513rocks.com


    Sep 22, 2004
    Mason, Ohio
    i just got a new spector ns-4. it is oil finished. what do i need to clean it? should i use lemon oil? guitar polish?
  2. Gorgeous bass!

    I think the best way of keeping it clean is wiping it with a Planet Waves polish cloth or similar, without any polish in it. I've heard that most oils hurt more than do good, if they are used when not needed. Only if the fretboard gets dried out, then perhaps a few drops on a rag and rub it in real good?
  3. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    I saw that one, NICE!
  4. rugrat


    Nov 12, 2003
    Northwest Illinois
    The Spector website tells all about proper cleaning and maintenance.
  5. 513rocks.com


    Sep 22, 2004
    Mason, Ohio
    thanks for the manual. i havent been to the website yet. the auction for the bass was over a couple minutes before nine. i had a diner date at 8:00. i saw the bass about a week ago on the bay and got that GAS thang :) so anyway, last night i called up my date around 7:45 and said id be a little late. between then and 8:50 i talked myself into and out of bidding on this bass about 200 times. about 8:15 my date started calling me ever five minutes while i sat infront of my computer looking at pictures of the bass and watched the bids. about 8:40 i picked up the phone and told my date im on my way after talking myself out of the bass for the last time. i turn off my computer, go out to my car, start it up, run back into the house and turn my comp back on and bid with 17 seconds left. I WIN!!! i turn off my computer, run out the door and do 80mph to pickup the girl. at dinner (my cell phone receives emails) im checking my emails under the table while acting interested in everthing my date had to say. i paid for the bass with paypal and then received the congrats note from the old owner. he lives in frakfort,ky and i live in cincinnati. i tell him im gonna pick it up on tuesday, its "only" a hour and 45 min drive and tuesdays my next day off work. i get the phone number from the seller and he tells me to give him a call and set up a pickup time. towards the end of diner i go to the bathroom and give him a call and ask him how late he stays up. got directions. return to the table and ask my date if shes ready for a road trip. she said shes into it so at 11:30 er are frankfort ky bound. i set my cruise control on 75 south and she puts in vh1 monsters of metal stripped and we fire it up. i tell her the story of the bass and why i was really late and she was cool about. i role into frankfort around 1:00. pick it up. if you think the picture is beautiful, you should see it in person. ive never seen a flame top on a spector like this!! i case it up and head home. i roll into her house at 3:00am. this is where the story gets nuts if youre still with me.... she wants me to come up and have "a drink". i tell her i gotta work at 10:00am and cant. this girl has been comming out to my gigs for months while i hit on her. she finally goes out with me and im turning down the ole "come up for a drink thang" cause ive got my brand new ns4 in my car. give her a goodnighter and heading home. i get home about 3:30 or so and plug it in. it is now 7:56. i gotta work at 10:00. should i work or call in, re-string it, take a quick nap, wake up arond noon and crank up my ashdown........now THAT is GAS. can anyone top that........ :D
  6. you crazy man
  7. cetera


    Apr 29, 2004
    Surrey, England
    Endorsing Artist: Spector Basses & Cort Basses
    Great story...... but for a beautiful Spector it's ALL worth it...!! :smug: :p ;) :bassist:
  8. VERY nice :D

    I love Spector Shape.
  9. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    Excellent bass! :D I have the exact same one in a high gloss red stain. :hyper:


  10. Beast of a bass!
  11. Johnny Fila

    Johnny Fila Formerly "The Crusader"

    Nov 21, 2004
    Elmont, NY (near NYC)
    I don't know if I like the bass better or that story! Both great.... :D So did you ever go back for that "drink"?
  12. NOLA Bass

    NOLA Bass Mr. Worst Case Scenario Man Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 3, 2005
    New Orleans LA
    Great story and great bass. For my oil finish Spector, I use the Warwick beeswax. Rub it on and wipe it off. Easy to use, the tin lasts forever, and it gives the neck a nice feeling to boot. Enjoy your NS4 and for God's sake marry that girl. She was ok with you being an hour late because you were buying a bass, rode to pick it up, and still asked you up!!!!!! She's a keeper!
  13. 5stringDNA


    Oct 10, 2002
    Englewood, CO
    For the love of Spector....
    Hot Chick, Hot Bass, Hot Chick Hot Bass.....?
    HOT BASS!!!
    Welcome to the cult
  14. Nino Valenti

    Nino Valenti Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
    Builder: Valenti Basses
    Man, you've got problems!!!!!!!!

    .....but I can totally relate.

    If this girl agrees to go out with you again:

    1- She's as nuts as you
    2- She;s a KEEPER!!!!! :)

    You new bass looks very similar to an NS-5 I used to own: