My night with SOULCRACKER

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    Apr 14, 2001
    That’s right, I said SOULCRACKER. These guys were the Runners-up to that other band on the VH-1 Bands on the Run show.

    First of all, when I joined my current band, I didn’t know the names of the songs. By the time our first gig came up, I was told, “OK we’re playing “Staring at the Sun” during the sound check. I was expecting the SOULCRACKER version but quickly realized that this was the name of one of our songs too. In the fade out, I did my Beastie imitation …”Staring at the sun,” and the drummer who realized what I was doing came back with the “Flying away from me…” that is in the SOULCRACKER version. The guitar player and singer were like “what the hell was that?. SO it became this big inside joke with me and the drummer.

    SO the other day I get an e-mail from my drummer. He was letting me know that he ran into SOULCRACKER at a bar downstairs from his apartment in Stroudsburg PA, They started talking and bought a few drinks and said they’d be out to see them the next night at a local resort. SO I was like “Dudes, you didn’t even call me…you sucks” My drummer goes, “don’t worry, we’re on the guest list. We’ll see if they want to hang out after.”

    OK, so I go to the show Friday night. I saw one band first: Brizz – a hip-hop rock band from Orlando. Good stuff.

    SOULCARCKER comes on and did a really great job in front of, what can’t be called anything other than a “PATHETIC” crowd for that size room. SO we were right up on the stage, and Sutton, the singer is doing a little on-stage banter and got into the topic of supporting original local music – especially these great guys down here.

    SO it was an excellent plug, even if he didn’t remember our name, at least we overheard a few, “who are they?” etc.

    Most of all, we ended up talking to the entertainment manager at this resort, and now he’s coming to see us on the 23rd.

    With that, I owe these guys big time. They are a much better band than the sounded on TV, and put on a nice casual show that keeps the audience involved. Sutton is one of the best front-men I’ve seen in a band on that level (I mean, not like superstars or anything). They were indeed very tight musically.

    They also turned out to be real people. I saw AP the bassist after and asked him if I could “Check it out, check it out.” In stead of cracking me one, he laughed and was very cool. It seems he realizes that the show did much for the success they’ve seen. Also, I’m like 6’1” and 220.

    We got to talk to all of them. My guitarist was telling Sutton about his version vs the SOULCRACKER “Staring at the Sun”. We talked to Ramsey about being on the road, etc. AP was just like he was on the show. Typical that the bass player is always the down to earth guy. Bob was busy breaking down his drums.

    Afterward Bob (drummer) and AP came to the bar and did Kareoke. I did a few songs, but I ended up leaving early. I did have a good time.

    So all in all, these are real down to earth guys with great music and a great show, who haven’t let their egos get the best of them.

    I'll add some pics when they develop.