My Once a Year Gig

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    Oct 31, 2002
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    I know I've mentioned my situation in other threads, so pardon me if I'm repeating myself.

    Back in the mid 70's through the early 80's (I'm an ancient 48 now) I played with a bunch of guys in a classic rock band. As with most bands, we broke up and all went our separate ways. In 2000 we realized it was going to be our 20th anniversary of not playing together. We decided to do a reunion gig as a one time thing. It was so successful, we've been getting together and playing once or twice a year. I failed to mention I had not taken my bass out of it's case (literally) in those 20 was like starting over for me.

    It's almost impossible for us to play more because we have one member who lives in Nashville and it's hard for him to get back (the rest of us are in Wisconsin).

    The kicker is we get much better gigs now than we did when we were playing in the old days....and I think we even sound better. The hard part is getting together a night or two before we're supposed to play and putting 3 sets of music together...especially since we haven't played together for a year. Regardless, we always seem to pull it off and we still have a following.

    The real purpose of this thread (if there really is one), is that our once a year gig is coming up next week. We're doing a bar gig on Tuesday night (John's Bar in La Crosse) and the main stage of our Riverfest festival here in La Crosse on Wednesday night. If anyone's in town, feel free to stop in. I'll be the one on stage with a big smile on my face...I have to enjoy it while I can.