My opinion with Ibby Powerspan Pickup and Preamp

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    May 21, 2008
    Have a great deal from my local GC , the NOS Rosewood finger board SR300E in Iron Pewter.

    With all flat onboard preamp setting, the Tap mode sound weak and thin; the Series mode sound louder with MID punch and the PowerTap bump some amount of Low/ Hi with little MID scoop.

    After spend some time to tweak the bass tone, i found the combination of Powerspan, preamp and 3 ways tab switch is the jewel of this bass guitar. Below is my tone setting opinion share.

    Tap mode
    Increase the onboard Preamp Bass around 30%, both MID and Treble keep noon. I get sweet both pup Jazz bass like sound, old school P vibe with neck pup and honky-bite J sound with bridge pup.
    Increase the Preamp Bass 30% also increase the output which i found equal to Series and Powertab in flat EQ.

    Series mode
    The Series mode make me a surprice. Keep both Bass and Treble on Noon, decrease around 30% on MID , only Neck pup solo . An aggressive finger pluck above the Neck Pup create me a sexy Epi Thunderbird solo neck pup sound !!!!!
    Honestly , i love the new Epi thunder Bird Pro IV neck pup solo sound but i meet neck dive problem in my previous test drive at GC.

    PowerTap mode
    Decrease the MID around 30%, keep both Bass and Treble on Noon, overall tone remind me the D'marzio Ultra Jazz pup voice.

    ** the string i use on the bass is GHS PW7200.

    Thks for reading.
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    I got a look at the switch in there this morning & it boggled my mind just a wee bit. I think it's something like G&L's OMG mode that they used to do. There are caps & resistors on the switch's board.


    Does anyone have an idea what the Power Tap actually does?
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