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    Jun 23, 2001
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    Here's a surprise I find an oldish laney head the bh150 to be exact in one of them pawn shops get it home and it's fine sounds brilliant just what I always wanted.

    fast forward to now audition for bigish popular band in local area in about 5 days after half of practicing for the audition amp starts cutting out ARHHHHHHHHH.
    Don't have a clue what it could be it isn't my brand new planet wave cable's or my basses so it must be the amp. I don't know why it's started to do this or how to fix it.
    I can't have dodgy gear when I want to join a band. I have just added a P.A type speaker to my rig and I have no idea what ohms it is I just presumed 8 cos most are.

    Any body got any ideas how I can get through an audition with an amp that only lasts about 30 mins. Or just how I can fix it. If I leave it with just my hartke speaker I know it's only got 8ohms on it and that should be fine maybe it just can't handle the other speaker.

    Any input would be really useful thanks guys

  2. Ah the joys of owning an old amp. They can sound great, and can be very reliable...if some of the old components are replaced with new. For the do-it-yourselfer with a knowledge of electronics, this isn't too expensive, it just takes some time. If you pay to have a service tech do it, hold on to your wallet though.

    I'm not familiar with that head, so don't know if it's tube or solid state. If it's tube, one possibility would be a coupling capacitor which is going south once it heats up. (That could also be happening with a solid state amp too, but not as likely since voltages are lower). Or this couls be an output transistor if this is a solid state amp....Or it could be as simple as a loose connection or a bad solder joint.

    Ah, now I've re-read your original post...Yes it could be an impedance problem, if the other cab is 4 ohm maybe the amp can't handle anything lower than 4 ohm.

    Try running just the 8 ohm for a while, or just the other speaker, and see if it does ok.
  3. billys73

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    Apr 25, 2003
    Yes, could be the amp. BUT......I have found the planet waves cables that have the extra bit of "expandable tension" (my words) on the jack tend to short out on some input jacks. I have an F bass in particular that it does that with. In most basses it's fine. Course, it could be the F bass, but none of my other cables have that problem with the F bass. Just something simple to check out.
  4. I believe it IS the FBass jack. Mine went on me last summer. It is a simple repair. The shop did not even charge me for it.
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    How do I spell relief?

    e - d - e - n
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    May 6, 2000
    San Diego (when not at Groom Lake)
    Independent Contractor to Bass San Diego
    PS ... lose the PA cab. It's not wise to hook a speaker of unknown impedance up to an amp.