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My Poem

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Goth Barbie, Feb 21, 2001.


    White sheets. White walls. Bright lights. Pearl skin. No-one ever says it’s alright. I’m all alone so why should they? Bruised apple patches on skin. My
    body’s still scarred. Words I have carved. I want everything still. Rotten. But so magnetic. That’s her. I know her voice. When I talk. Don’t ever point your finger at a crazy person. Not clever. Not smart. Nurses wash over me. A sea pebble. Washing over me. Smooth pearl skin. Cherry gashes. Hex me. Told her. Some things you lose. I dreamt of a devil that knew her. And some things you have to give away. Heard monotone voices. Against the white sheets.White walls. Schizo. Pyro. Klepto. The more you admit of how disturbed you are, the quicker you are reborn. Live in society. Not now. Take your pills. They’ll help you sleep. Take them. Tormented dreams. Stay asleep. Wide awake. Recall. When she was. Out? Capable. Amphetamines. Tomorrow. And jellybeans. Take the
    pills. Fall asleep. White sheets. White walls. Bright lights. Pearl skin.

  2. fine then. be like that
  3. basslax


    Apr 20, 2000
    Washington, DC
    its good :D . anyone else?
  4. Barbie-doll....how old are you?

    You seem to be deep in the clutches of teen-angst.

    I remember it well.....actually, I remember some of it. The rest was spent out of my mind on drugs. NOT RECOMMENDED.

  5. thank you. I got $300 for it from sum old boring mag
  6. i am 15
  7. yawnsie


    Apr 11, 2000
    That doesn't happen to be about your little friend Georgia, does it? ;)
  8. here is my poem

    Mary had a little lamb
    Her father shot it dead.
    Now it goes to school with her,
    between two chunks of bread.
  9. yawnsie


    Apr 11, 2000
    There was a young boy called Kit,
    Who listened to Jaco a bit.
    He went to Talkbass,
    And thought it was ace,
    But his playing was still rather... hmm - how should I finish this?

    You know what, I've got too much spare time...
  10. nice and stuff...

    hmm.. let´s see if I can come up with something...

    I remember when I used to sing,
    the birds who flew went to sleep,
    then I learned to walk and bring
    happiness to all my *peep*


    that´s all I could come up with now... I´m tired!
  11. ok I have been trying to find a website or a magazine (here in australia) where i can enter these. I'll use two posts up if i may. One for the first poem and the last for the second. The first uses 4 words out of Hamlet, but its ok cause its less that 10% of the original quote........

    To Die, To Sleep.

    Twas the dawn of a new day,
    When all the world awoke but one.
    With the creep of sunlight it marked decay,
    The decision wasn't hers to die, to sleep.

    Twas four times death marked its spot.
    The world stopped to wonder what that achieved.
    She became the lone soldier they forgot.
    When will the world lay down to die, to sleep?

    Twas the chance to feel Deaths touch.
    The human soul is not gods to reap.
    No-one daren't say "In God we Trust".
    Avenge her death when I go to die, to sleep.

    Twas a time when goodbye is not enough.
    And the world sighed as her soul went to leave.
    Such a little world that could hold so much love.
    Her only escape from pain was to die, to sleep.

    Twas when time went on as if all were forgotten.
    When pain turns to remembrance as it reaches its peak,
    For she has now become the Chosen
    The pain that was attempts to die, to sleep.

    What do you think heh???

  12. Ok i usually write really dark and morbid stuff. these poems/songs are a real rarity. and copyrighted too btw! :D

    Words Paint One Thousand Pictures..

    Picasso could never paint what I have seen,
    Nor Beethoven play to my heart.
    There’s a place in your heart where the words still linger,
    Like the warmth of a long summer day.

    In his mind the world of inks and dyes collide,
    To paint a self-portrait only he believes.
    A picture based on guilt and pride,
    The unsteady hand tries to shows us what he sees.

    So tell me a different story,
    Tell me something filled with joy,
    Use words that I don’t normally hear.
    For when the words that are remembered,
    And the listening ears that finally seem to hear…
    Use the words that I can paint one thousand pictures.

    Brush strokes on the canvas of life,
    They blur the truth about the future.
    Try and paint me a picture of happiness,
    And show us the side love tries to hide.

    The writer’s hand graces the page,
    And a painter’s brush caresses the canvas.
    Caress the words to grace my heart,
    Reassure me and teach me this craft.

    Life runs its course, like clear and rushing water.
    And the painting slowly fades into memory.
    But your song will still remain; for I know it only too well,
    For it’s the song with words that paint, one thousand pictures.

    Ó Damien Boath July 2000
    Lyrics By: D.Boath
    Music: P.Boath
    Arrangements: D.Boath, P.Boath
  13. All my anger has left me
    Left me with naught but a song
    And I cannot see
    See where I went wrong

    The poison tree’s fruit
    Has made my soul sour
    It has taken root
    And borne a dark flower

    I once dreamt of hate
    Had sweet thoughts of revenge
    But those dreams are all faded
    And I remain unavenged

    So drained be my hatred
    So wasted by fear
    I am now concealed
    From those who draw near

    With nothing to hide
    And nothing to tell
    I now slide away
    To my own perfect hell

    i was up too late one night reading blake and trying to write lyrics for my band and this came out. i've really no idea what it means.
  14. Thats the way it works dude. I write all my best stuff at like 3 in the morning. Wake up in the middle of dreaming, think of a line and jump up and scribble it down.

    Plus any suggestions for submitting my poems?

  15. It means you are confusing Blake with Coleridge and trying to write your own version of Kublai Khan.
    Sorry, Dude. Plus' ca change, Plus' ce la meme' chose..
  16. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Whoo-hoo! A new thread for our most exalted Princess B :D

    Here's somethin' to noodle. (not tryin' to be mean your highness ;) ) ...
    To reiterate :rolleyes: ~ http://www.pagebypagebooks.com/Ayn_Rand/Anthem/Part_Eleven_p1.html

    ...Wulp. Back to the Ivory Tower :p .
  17. Excuse me but this was supposed to be abput ME. Not trying to be self obbsesed or nething here. But ME ME ME ME ME

  18. It's always about you Barbie-doll. :D

  19. What's that supposed to mean?

  20. Anything you want it to sweety.

    And since I failed to do it in my first two posts, I do like the poem. Evokes alot of memories of my teen years.



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