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My poor dog...

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by hateater, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. hateater

    hateater snatch canadian cream

    May 4, 2001
    Eugene, OR
    I went to see how my dog was doing today (she had not been eating for the past 4 days). I figured that she had a stomach flu, and that it would pass, as this has happened before. However, I notived that the white in her droopy right eye was not white, it was a sort of dark yellow. As I checked the rest of her body (including her mouth, tounge, inside of ears, and stomach) I saw that the pink had been going away and there was a bunch of yellowish color about her.

    Shortly after, my sister and I took her to the vet. The doctor could tell I was really worried, and so he tried not to say anything too bad, but he was looking at her and me with a very concerned look.

    As it turns out, my dog has extreme problems with her liver, and she cannot produce red blood cells as she should, or at least that is how I understand it. He is keeping her there for the next 3-4 days, and he says there is a small chance that they can help her out, and not have to put her down.

    Has anyone had any similar problems with any of their animals?
  2. Bob Clayton

    Bob Clayton Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Aug 14, 2001
    Philly Suburbs
    im sorry about your dog...pets are so great and its sad when they become sick

    not a similar problem but a while ago my cat had cancer...the tumor was on its tounge...we had the choice to either put it down or cut out most of the tounge...obviously we put him down

    so...my thoughts are with your dog
  3. hateater

    hateater snatch canadian cream

    May 4, 2001
    Eugene, OR
    ...Thanks a bunch, friend. I love my dog very much, and this is just like having a family member in the hospital with liver problems.
  4. jobu3

    jobu3 Artist formerly known as Big Joe

    Feb 17, 2002
    Mountain Top, PA
    it absolutely is and anyone who says otherwise just doesn't understand... my thoughts and prayers are with you for this. i had to put down my dog when i was 17 and it was the worst day of my life...
  5. BigBohn


    Sep 29, 2001
    WPB, Florida
    Hope the best for you. Just reading that there was yellowing and not reading the rest of your post, I knew it was something with the liver.

    I lost a beagle a few years ago, hit by a car in front of house while I was at school. I feel for you and hope everything becomes alright.
  6. hateater

    hateater snatch canadian cream

    May 4, 2001
    Eugene, OR
    That sucks Joe, it must have relly hurt you. Also, I am sorry about your cat bassplayer13, my friend's cat got Lukemia (sp?) and passed on. IT was really tough on him.
  7. hateater

    hateater snatch canadian cream

    May 4, 2001
    Eugene, OR
    Thanks, I appreciate it.
  8. I'm sorry man, I had to put down a cat when I was 5 that I had ever since I was born and a dog when I was 11, it was very hard to see them go. Very sorry bout your dog, hope it pulls through! ~ Tyler

    P.S. A few weeks ago my favorite goldfish that was huge compared to when it was so tiny 4 years ago when I got it died :'( It lived a long life considering it was a 15 cent feeder fish.
  9. HeavyDuty

    HeavyDuty Supporting Curmudgeon Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 26, 2000
    Suburban Chicago, IL
    Energy sent your pooch's way - everyone here was a big help earlier this year with one of our dog's cancer. Good luck, man...
  10. hateater

    hateater snatch canadian cream

    May 4, 2001
    Eugene, OR
    Thanks to you and newbassplayer66.

    I have been searching "cocker spaniel liver failure" online, and I have found out a lot.

    Thanks again for the support guys!
  11. Zon Bass

    Zon Bass

    Jan 20, 2002
    Dallas, TX
    My cat had similar problems, near the end of his life he had about 1/3 of his liver functioning and about half of one kidney left. We had to feed him through an IV for the last few months. It is really hard to watch your pet wither away like that. Good luck and I hope your dog pulls through.
  12. sorry to hear :(

    best of luck!

    i havent had any pets any bigger than fish, but my best friends used to have really cute cats!

    they were great to play with!
    One day the two adults ran off, which was pretty killer :(, the kitten was left over, she was cute, but then she disappeared... :meh:

    found a puddle of blood and furr in the field we played in, turns out a dog got a hold of her...
  13. Thor

    Thor Moderator Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    The reality is, I have lost 3 so far.
    It never feels good.

    You have to weigh you dog's suffering against
    your reluctance to end it.

    Not an easy choice to make, but at some point if you ponder this, you will come to understand that there is a point of suffering that you cannot take your dog beyond. You will have to decide wha that point is.

    Do what is best.

    Take care
  14. hateater

    hateater snatch canadian cream

    May 4, 2001
    Eugene, OR
    Thanks again guys, I will know more about her condition tomorrow.
  15. Razor


    Sep 22, 2002
    Keep us posted. I am a huge animal lover myself and I have had to put a few of my dogs down for several reasons. My heart truly goes out to you and your pet. I'll be saying a little prayer my friend.
  16. I lost my first dog to the same condition, 20 years later I still think of him.

    You have my sympathy.
  17. Sofa King

    Sofa King

    Aug 20, 2000
    Rowlett, TX
    Last summer I had to put down my dog who I had since I was 4 (I was 17). It was very hard and I still get teary eyed when I think about her :(
  18. lost one a couple of weeks ago, still makes me sad
  19. hateater

    hateater snatch canadian cream

    May 4, 2001
    Eugene, OR
    Thanks again guys.

    I went to the vet today to visit Freckles (name of my dog). She was getting a blood transfusion, and she was really out of it. I brought her a fuzzy toy that she liked, and she licked it a few times and then rested her head on it. I petted her to sleep then I left.

    The doctor told me that there is always a little hope- but she is in really bad shape. At least I got to see her.

  20. =^..^=


    Jan 25, 2001
    Stuck on a rock !
    Matt - sending some good thoughts and energy your way.

    I hope it doesn't come to it but if she has to be put down I know it will be hard but make sure you are there - it is a terrible thing to endure but its something that you won't regret.

    We have two of our cats buried in a quiet corner of my folks garden. Curled up with their favourite toys. Jaffa had to be put to sleep (kidney failure) and Jay never recovered properly after an op. Each one I held in my arms as they closed their eyes to sleep that one last time. I mourn their passing but I'm glad I was there to give them that one last bit of love.

    Not sure how many people have seen it but heres the tale of Orange cat and why "we chose tears".


    Please keep us posted. My thoughts are with you.