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My Power Amp Crapped Out Last Night!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by FroggyOne2, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Last night, my power amp crashed.. it is a Micro-Tech 2400, though i will get it fixed.. i have decided instead of the rack system that i have been using, i wish to go a all in one head. The cabs that i have are a El Whappo and a Bergie 310.

    So that brings me to wondering which head to try to get. I think that i would like the TF 550B, but is it enough for the El Whappo or the Bergie? The other i have read about on here is the GBE 1200, which i know is enough for either cab, but what if i wanted to run both cabs, say outdoors? Another i have read reviews about here was the Carvin B1500.. i know that SMASH really likes that amp! I am a finger style player, but i do seem to like the "hi-fi" sound that is out today.

    So which to get? I am not sure, but some solid input would be great to lead me in the right direction.

  2. TyronPotamkin


    Dec 12, 2006
    I run a Carvin B800 and I know the B800 and B1500 run the exact same pre-amp. It has been stated before that the B series is a little on the dark side and it is but, with a good tweeter and tweeter attenuater and some high end roll-on it can obtain a pretty hi-fi sound. It is a great finger style amp that really accents both mellow attack and aggressive attack very well.

    I played a show a few weeks ago with a couple other bands and the bass players are good friends of mine so I let them use my whole setup for ease of moving things around. Anyway they are both accomplished pick players and I must say that the B series is not the best for pick style. At certain points the sound was really peaky and at other times was really dull sounding. With finger style the sound stays pretty even across the boards. The drive knob doesnt do what most people believe a drive knob should do. It will not do an overdrive sound, what it will do is really thicken up your sound with a bit of wooliness the more you turn the drive up.
  3. smperry

    smperry Administrator Staff Member Administrator Gold Supporting Member

    Nov 3, 2003
    Bay Area, CA
    Wow, I'm using a Microtech 2400...surprised that it died on you. No advice though, since I haven't extensively used those two cabs.

  4. Marshall,

    Yes.. indeed it did..


    Thank you so much for that information..

    I think that my deciding factor is headroom in the amp over the ratings of the cabs.. El Whappo = 800 watts, Bergie = 600watts.

    I either get an all in one head to use or maybe try to get a CA9,

  5. Bryan316

    Bryan316 Inactive

    Dec 20, 2006
    Crest CA9 or QSC PLX1450
  6. smperry

    smperry Administrator Staff Member Administrator Gold Supporting Member

    Nov 3, 2003
    Bay Area, CA
    If you're going to get the Crown fixed, I don't see any reason to go with a CA9, but that's just me. I haven't done a ton of testing (just a little with my rig), but don't think you'll hear a difference. If the Crown is messed of course...go for the CA9.

    Moving to a head, of course, I can understand.

    just my opinion.
  7. bryan,

    i have gone the qsc route.. won't go there again!!!!!

    Yeah.. i talked to my local dealer today.. and i am going to get the crown fixed.. and buy a GK Blackline 600 rig from for 600 bucks.. that includes the 210 and 115 cabs. I will just use that for practice and save the rack rig for the gigs.

    The backline rig may be a little harsh in the highs somewhat.. but over all.. to me at least.. it didn't really sound all that bad either.. sounded pretty good in the store the one time that i played through when i was trying out the X2 wireless..

    Don't believe that i would use it for a show unless it was an emergancy.. and had too.. but for practice. i believe it will do alright..

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