my problem with the Battle of the Bands

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  1. Jimbo


    Dec 4, 2000
    Philadelphia, PA
    hey hey.

    here's my story, if anyone has any advice that could help me, i'd would really appreciate it.

    i'm in this band with some of my friends. We're a soft rock band, kinda like a sound close to the beatles, but without as much talent. we've been playing for about a year, but we've gotten nowhere. i think the problem is my egotistic guitarist/singer. oh, the stories i could tell you, but i don't think my keyboard would last thru it. we have one song written, and my guitarist has just hired a piano player. i can't stand this guy, he's got no work ethic, expects everythign to come to him on a silver platter and is horrible at playing. i wish that i had been contacted with the idea of brigning him in...
    ...along comes the marching band season...
    yes, i am a band geek. i'm a junior in high school. but anyway, i made some new friends, who are seniors, and two of them have a band and asked me to joined them. i like playing with them, they're a dmb type of sound and they're REALLY good musicians. and neither of them have big egos.

    so now my school is hosting a battle of the bands. this new band asked me to play with them. i said sure, then i find out that my original band wants to play, bad idea. there is no way that this band could be ready, and i've been saying that. the drummer, my best friend since like 1st grade, agrees with me. but our guitarist, the big headed one, will not listen to me. i tried to tell him that i'm already playing with some other guys but he won't listen. he says "he feels confident" and that "it would be good for the band's growth" what band is he talking about? these guys don't have enough talent to play this show, they won't even be able to fill up a set. but he won't listen to me and it's really bugging me. the worst thing is that's he's my neighbor so all i get is phone calls 24/7 asking "can you practice? how much homework you have?" i wish he's face reallity. and the piano player can't make the audition.

    so what should i do? i want to play with the new guys, but it's hard to avoid my neighbors. i really don't even want to play with my orignal band because of how little the guitarist is respecting my opinion. he's the type of guy who likes to crank up his volume and wail when somebody's trying to talk or think. we even had a name "hey joe" and people like it, but now he's against it only because he didn't think of it, i did. and's theres so much more i could tell you. :mad:

    i just wish he's realize we'd be embarassing oursleves.
  2. Josh Ryan

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    Mar 24, 2001
    Don't play the gig w/the old band. I would concentrate on the new band and maybe do something with the drummer from the old band. The world is full of people with screwy perceptions and bad timing, like your guitarist.
  3. Woodchuck


    Apr 21, 2000
    Atlanta (Grant Park!)
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    I'd play with the new band, too. You and the drummer are the only two with any real bond anyway, and he agrees with you, so forget the rest of 'em. They'll be mad at you, but they'll get over it. Why play if you're not ready as a band? Remember: Embarassment lasts a hell of a lot longer than anger. ;) Besides, if these other guys are as you say they are, your playing ability is going to take waaaaaay off!
  4. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    I agree with the the previous post, play with the good band. Espcially since you get along with them. I rather play with a guitar player that I like, that is good, than a guitar player, that has a big ego, and is great. (But I guess that doesn't matter, cause you say the guys you like are better musician's anyway)

    Warwicknut is right, if the other guys are bad, you're going to play bad right with them. (I've learned, that when I played with a not so good band, no one ever complimented my bass playing while I was with them, Then when I started playing with a good band, everyone complimented my bass playing. It goes to show, it doesn't mean a damn if you have one or two good musicians, and the rest suck :) )
  5. Munjibunga

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    May 6, 2000
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    Dude. DUUUUUDE. Play with the new band. Those other guys, neighbors or not, really blow, and you know it. Don't let them get between you and an opportunity for musical growth.
  6. Hategear

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    Apr 6, 2001
    Appleton, Swissconsin
    :D I've been there, man. Oh, how I've been there! :D

    I would say, "Play with the new band and screw the old," but with the guitarist being your neighbor and all, it could make it weird for both of you. Is there any way you can do both? Play with your old band first (make sure that you play your absolute best) and then play with the new band second and really rock the house! If you can't do that, play with the second band. If you are serious about what you want to do, then you have to do what's right for you and what's going to help you accomplish your goals. Don't let a couple of guys that aren't as serious as you are get in your way!

    Good luck!

    PS...A good way to get out of the old band would be to announce that you are starting a "side project" (that being the new band), then make yourself less and less available to the old band as you concentrate more and more on the new.
  7. Jimbo


    Dec 4, 2000
    Philadelphia, PA
    thanx everyone for the advice. i was leaning towards playing with the new anyway. so i was going to tell the old in school and while i'm walking with my guitarist, the drummer from the new comes up to me and starts talking about practicing for the battle of the bands. so i explained to my guitarist and pianist and they took it a hell of a lot better than i expected. then they asked me if it's ok if the get a replacement for the show, i said fine and recomended some guys i know that can hold a decent groove. but i doubt they'll be able to play my solos...:D

  8. Smart move. Never hold yourself back from your goals because you're worried about losing frineds, hurting feelings, or whatever. Any real friend will understand that the road you want to take may well be diffferent from his.

    Now I just need to learn to heed my own advice and consider breaking away from my band. :rolleyes:
  9. Listen, it's obvious most of your old band doesn't realize that people have things to say. You should go with the new guys, because if the chemistry for a good band isn't in your old one, you should continue searching.

    I'd be sure to let your old band know why you're leaving, and don't be scared of what your wacky guitarist dork thinks.

    If he's like you explain, he'd probably say something like "Good, I was gonna kick you out anyway."
  10. Comakazi


    May 3, 2001
    Midwest US
    I'm going through a similar experience right now. I'm playing in a band with my best friend (the guitarist) and another guy (a drummer). This band is a fragment of another band I was in that totally disolved. Last Sunday a guy from another band in my town asked me to join their band. They have gigs, regular practice, and it seems could go really far (I'm hoping:)) . Anyway, it sucked because I know the other guys I play with would really like to further the band, but I just don't see it. I told them at practice last night that was going to do side work with this other band and they seemed fine with it, I think.
    I just really knew I needed to get with other people and that I would regret it if I stuck with other's that really weren't going to go anywhere. My friend in that band has been a friend for ten years, but hey, we have to do what's best for ourselves. If they're true friends they will understand it.

    Now get with the other band and rock the talent show!:D
  11. ...and don't go back to the old band. Look to the future all the time...

    IMO, if anyone in a band is too uncomfortable with a gig, it should not be done - you can do more harm than good to your professional and musical reputation if you let yourselves down while up on stage.

    Keep up practises with the drummer, if you and he are still comfortable - nothing beats jamming lines with someone with a like mind - and you never know, the two of you might start up something bigger and better...

    Good luck!
  12. SRSiegel

    SRSiegel Guest

    Sep 17, 2001
    Ann Arbor, Michigan
    dude i would play with the new band, and blow the old jackhole guitarist out of the water. then i would form a side project with your old drummer friend. you would be suprised what kind of reaction you can get with drum/bass/vocals. can you rap? maybe find someone who can do some bad @$$ funky rap, and play porno funk underneath it. slap and pop your brians out, drummer can go nuts, crowd loves it, and its all improved. take three and call me in the morning...
  13. Jimbo


    Dec 4, 2000
    Philadelphia, PA
    yep, they were on saturday, november 17, 2001 and boy do i have a lot to say so here goes...:D

    my new band was second to go. we rocked out, there was this one part when the drummer couldn't hear anything but he was able to get back quick. and after, the drummer and i went to go give the judges our audition tape (which was required) but actually we gave them our cd. they seemed really impressed and one of them was REALLY into it.

    and then a couple of bands later, my other one went on. first of all, this band is called "hey joe" but my guitarist has never liked it because i came up with it and he wants all the credit. so the judges ask what they're name is and they say..."smirk". i dunno what you think but IMO it's the dumbest name i everheard. but anyway, every band was supposed to play one song, "smirk" played Lady Madonnaby the beatles which i think is a great song. but they butchered it, first of all, the piano player couldn't even make it so the song sounded empty. and if you've heard the song before, there's a sax solo, so they use my idea of putting a kazoo. i usually play the kazoo for them but our guitarist decided he can do it. so he has to switch from kazoo to singing and he was off the beat the whole time. the new bassist and the drummer never locked up. and they forgot the whole middle section and then the gutarist tried to explain what happened and then he explains why there was kazoo, he sounded like one of those little kids who go on and on about the dumbest subjects
    "could you hearthe kazoo ok?"
    "yes, it was very nice"
    "yeah there's a sax solo and i thought i would be creative and play kazoo"
    he sounded so ********. and then the judges asked if they'd like to play it again because the cut out so much. they took 5 minutes to debate it cuz the guitarist didn't want to but the other 2 guys wanted to. so they played, and it was even worse.

    and their audition tape...

    the guitarist came up to me and said "i realize now that i've taken your talent for granted. i'm used to having a good bassist around that can jump right into a song. it's so hard to work with this guy" and that was like the only realy heartfelt compliment he's ever given anyone. so the day of the audition they still didn't have bass on the tape because the new guy couldn't handle it. so i did them a big favor and sat down and recorded thebass parts in like a half hour.

    but the bad part is that they have connections now. the new bassist they got it buddy-buddy with the teacher that's running the battle of the bands, so they have a good chance cuz you know, not all teachers are very fair. but i don't know when we find out but they don't deserve to make it, they were that bad.

    i thought you'd all get a kick out of hearing what and idiot my old guitarist made of himslef. i'll make sure to post if i made it or not

  14. air_leech


    Sep 1, 2000
    sounds like that BotB contest is sold out and all about sleeping with the right people, nothing to do with musicianship, stage performance or art.
    I think the right thing to do is not to pay too much of attention, if you are happy with the new band and you know these guys are the band you always wanted to be part of then you don't need any contest. theres no need for battles, the band you really enjoying playing with is the best band of all.
  15. Yeah dude, who cares about the Battle of the Bands. It sounds like it was pretty obvious which was the better band to the audience. You're going to have good gigs and bad gigs in the future, but you can't let them decide which band you stay in, or let anyone break your confidence/faith in the band. You should stick with the band YOU like the most (for the music and band members), not the one an audience 'likes' most, or critics, or homeless people in my case. :)

    Good luck with the new band, keep us posted on the progress...!
  16. Jimbo, right now might seem a bit streesful for you but it is going to become an awesome learning experience! I hope you have a lotta fun, so don't sweat it!
    Remember this: When equality within the band members breaks down, so does the band. Your old guitarist will come to see this as the more control he tries to achive, the less control he has.