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Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by ClassicJazz, Jan 19, 2018.

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    Sep 19, 2005
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    So over the past year been trying all sorts of strings. Brands ranging from D'Addario, SIT, GHS, DR, LaBella and more. All Nickel plated round wounds. So this is what I have settled on in regards to my string setups.

    Bass: Roscoe Century Custom 5 (Bartolini PU's & Preamp)
    Strings: D'Addario XL170 45/65/80/100/125
    Comments: Over the years it seems I always end up going back to D'Addario. They are consistent from set to set and gotta love the price. They hold up pretty good too. The gauges I use are kind of custom. The standard XL170 set has a 130 B string. I like the slightly lighter 125. And with the 35" scale of the Roscoe, it sounds awesome. I can really dig into these string.

    Bass: Roscoe Century Standard Fretless 4 (Bartolini PU's & Preamp)
    Strings: DR Sunbeams 45/65/80/100
    Comments: The Sunbeams seem to sing and the best on the fretless. They have a nice growl and plenty of mhaw to them. I don't change strings on the fretless too often and the DR's seem to hold up over time.

    Bass: Fodera Monarch Standard Special 4 (Duncan/Fodera PU's & Mike Pope Preamp)
    Strings: Fodera 45/65/85/105
    Comments: Well no surprise that Fodera strings sound great on a Fodera. Obviously more on the expensive side, I first tried them when me and my bass visited Fodera for some tone issues I was having. (Kudos to First Class Customer Service at Fodera, great bunch of people). After a setup was done they suggested the Fodera strings. Well I liked them. Did some gigs on them and gotta admit they sound great on that bass. The only con to them which may be nit-picky, these are hand made strings. You can slightly feel (and see) the imperfections in the winding. Not as smooth as D'Addario strings which are wound by machine.

    1972 Fender Jazz (stock PU's)
    Strings: DR Sunbeams 45/65/80/100
    Comments: This bass has the original stock pickups, I think they are starting to show their age. Heck, they are 46 years old. That said the Sunbeams seem to sound best on that bass. Good output and love the tension.

    TBC (The Bass Company) JT400JJ (stock Jazz type PU's & Audere Preamp
    Strings: D'Addario XL170 45/65/80/100
    Comments: I originally got the TBC as a backup bass. It sounded ok when I got it. It had probably some Chinese made pickups and preamp in it. So I swapped out the preamp with an Audere and holy crap, this bass came alive! Even with the stock pickups still in place. I just happen to have the D'Addario XLs on it when I did the preamp change. And man it sounds awesome. So no need to try any other brand or type.
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