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  1. I recently sold my Marcus Miller Jazz for a new Fender '57 P bass from Japan. I love this bass. It has the look that I love and the tone that I expect to hear when I hear a bass. Maybe in the future I put on some rounds and put SD quarter pounds in but for now I'm really diggin it. The only thing is that the MM was so much heavier and I really miss the feel of the heavier bass. I think the neck felt different too. Not more solid but stonger and more comanding. Sounds crazy, right? But I do like the thickness of the P bass though.
  2. From what I hear, put a BadAss bridge on if you need to add some more weight. :p You may even get some more sustain out of the deal... though some may debate that effect. :bag:
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    Makes sense to me. When I play lighter basses i feel like i don't have anything to dig into.