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My rig is complete!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by CoolHat, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. Finally, my beloved EBS NEO-112 got himself a partner! I´ve been meaning to add another cab to my rig ever since I got it last spring , but I just couldn´t decide what to get. Another NEO would have been the easiest choice, but on the other hand a 15" would offer more lowe end. Or maybe a 2x10... you know the drill.

    Well, I was checking out the classifieds on the net last sunday and what do I see: a guy in my area is selling his NEO-112. I contemplate it for few minutes. Then I open Outlook and send the guy my offer.

    He accepts it.

    Two days later my NEO meets it´s twin brother. Actually, they are not 100% identical. Can you spot the difference?:


    One from the bottom (ooh, it´s huge! :eek: ):


    And here they are with "The Muu":


    On the top is my EBS-1 pre and Crown XLS402 power amp. I used to be afraid that two 12´s wouldn´t put out enough OOMPH, but right after the first note I knew that fear was unfounded. I can´t believe how BIG this little setup sounds. It´s not about the volume (although there´s plenty of it), but the size and thickness of the sound. I´m truly amazed how two tiny boxes can fill the room like this.

    I thought I loved the way my rig sounded with one cab, but it was just affection. This is true love. Originally I thought I would only bring one cab to smaller gigs but now... I don´t think I´ll ever want to play without both cabs!

    Yeah, I know what you are thinking: "So the guy got himself another small box, big deal! Why post a thread about it?" But I´m just sooo happy! :hyper:
  2. nice!!! i just got my self a big box...the one on the bottom has writing on it, where the one on top doesn't say "professional neo....." cool bass too. Now I have craving for a burger. lol
  3. philwill1


    May 11, 2002
    Clinton, KY
    :D NICE! really NICE!
  4. Ding ding, we have a winner! Yeah, the one with the writing is the one I got yesterday. I guess it´s from a different batch than my original one. I´ll have to check out the SNs to see which one is older. But the main thing is that they both sound sweet!

    And congrats for your 8x10, those sound awesome!
  5. Don MC

    Don MC

    Oct 24, 2004
    Like that bass most of all tho.
    You could call it "The Nauta" ;)

  6. cool rig:) I'm also an EBS player (Fafner and 410) but I'm probably going to buy a NEO 112, because the 410 is really heavy and not convenient to take it with me every week.

    Nice bass too, I totally love the colors