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My search is Finally Over.....

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by davegr8house, Apr 28, 2003.

  1. Hello All,
    As some of you may know I have been on a quest to find "my" Bass. After saving my pennies and talking and looking and looking and well...you get the idea I have Her....uhhh..I named her Victoria. She is Approx. 100yr Old German Fully Carved. It can be seen at.. http://stringemporium.com/basscafe.htm
    She is the German Dresden Bass at the bottom of the page. Steve at the String Emporium was Very helpful and patent with me. We talked several times and sent the Bass for $65 bucks for me to try out for a week. When I picked the Bass up I went stright to my Teachers and we checked her out. It has a couple of repairs to be expected but both done very well. My Teacher was impressed with the Set-up. It came with Helicore Orch. Strings on it and to be honest I wasent impressed with the Pizz of the Bass...it lacked volume. I loved the Playabilty and Growl. So we put on a set of Obligatos and "Bling bling"...there it was...The Sound in my head :D I can only describe it as "wood". I can hear the Bass not strings. The Volume is much better and I cant stop playing it.
    It is like night and day compared to my CCB. I mean its like it plays itself. I dont have to fight it to get a tone. Overall I have had no buyers remorse. I love this Bass. It came with a New Morrandian Bag which is really nice. My Old Bass was a 7/8 and this is 3/4 which makes it much easier to get around on. It has one wolf tone and to honest its not bad at all, it`s C#. Trying to think here....uh..Allwell I guess I`m done. It feels good to have a "Good" Bass to grow with. Now I`m looking for "the" Bow that will match her...and a Pick-up..uhh...theres the 8 or 10 inch speaker debate...uh..Good Stand...Preamp...DANGGGG..I`ve only just begun:p I am Hooked to the Dark Side...Newbies...run..RUNNNNN !!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats, Dave. Sounds like a beautiful instrument. I know you and Victoria will be very happy together.

    I've drooled over the bass pics at "The Bass Cafe" many a time. Did Steve say anything to you about the Wen/Bernadel basses he's importing? I don't think I've see a review here yet.
  3. Thanks Mike,
    He highly recommended the Wan Bass. The Wan was not what I was looking for but from what I understand it is a very good Bass. I know Steve bought like nine or ten of them back in Dec. 2002 and I think he told me he had sold half of them. I did consider the Wan but the German called to me. It needed a good home...MY home. Steve will send one out to whoever to try out for a week for like 65 bucks and if you decide you dont want it he`ll take it back no questions asked. If you buy the Bass he`ll foot the Bill for shipping the Flight Case Back. I`m not a salesman and pushing The String Emporium at all I`m just telling what the deal is. I played a few Basses and could not find what I wanted and Paying Shipping is cool to try out a Bass like this one.
    The German Bass just feels right in my hands.
    From what I understand the Wan Basses are "Hand Made". He told me there is I think 3 working in the Shop. One Lady that only hand Stains the Basses.
  4. Thanks, Dave.

    Did you ever buy the Christopher 7/8 we had talked about a while ago? Any problems with it?
  5. While I can't say that I've seen one of these Wan bass, I can comment on the term "Hand Made". By some manufacturer's definition, the term "Hand Made" refers to using the first finger of the right hand to push the ON and OFF button on the CNC carving machine. And... generally speaking, double basses are not stained. The color is in the varnish.
  6. Did you ever buy the Christopher 7/8 we had talked about a while ago? Any problems with it?

    Hey Mike,
    No I decided not to and save more. I do think the Christophers are good but I decided against it.

  7. Victoria is HOT.... ;)