My shoulder hurts...

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  1. I just returned from the longest rehearsal I ever had... 3 days with 6-7 hours of practice each day

    and believe it or not, now my shoulder hurts :p , and I finally decided to get a padded strap :rolleyes:
  2. Woah that's a lotta practice....look at the bright side,you're a tad better now then before.:)
  3. yeah, I am sure I have gotten a wee bit better at sight reading and controling my dynamics (I usually play in a metal band but I was "hired" for the school orchestra because they needed an electric bass for one of their pieces, and since there was no double bass player there I had to play the DB parts too)
  4. Well there you go. :)

    You got to practice with some new people...jammed....had some fun,and stiffened the hell out of your shoulder.

    What are you complaining about?

  5. yeah it was fun (notice the :p in my first post) and in one of the breaks I played a bit of black sabbath with one of the cellists and the drummer, and also jammed with them a bit
  6. Black Sabbath at school! Awesome....heh...:)