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    on top of recyling all cans and stuff, I also don't flush my piss, especially since I drink so much water it's usually clear anyway. hahaha
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    Because MTV is gay and run by hip hop and punk lovers
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    Your 17 years old!! And your first kiss!!


    I'll tell you what love is......
    Love is when your on the bowl taking a "DUMP" and your wife or girlfriend comes in and gives you a kiss just because she loves you!!!

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    I only ask that because I've ignored girls in the past because they didn't have any knowledge about the bands I love.


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    Consort of Pagan Viking goddesses and
    keeper of other more trivial matters, such as acidic remarks to cute, but clueless lo-enders!

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    -As long as she's topless and your in a headlock, why not?

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    Watch out for Democratic sexual predators and you will be fine.

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    stupid people never cease to entertain me :D



  2. i've had 2 good ones lately:

    "I did see that at the store. I just figured it was part of the end of civilization."-roark haver in response to Jon Bon Jovi on the cover of Redbook magazine"

    "My wife...

    and an Ak-47-Bimplizkit"