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My Story .... With Vegaas

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by vegaas, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. vegaas


    Nov 6, 2001
    So I have been thinking alot lately about my ability as a bass player.
    Here is a little background info first. I started playing when I was 16. I started because my best friend played guitar. He sounded great so I bought a drum set. Well, that lasted for about a month. I knew drums werent for me, I needed to be out front and be able to move. I bought a bass and my friend I formed a band with another friend who played drums. We got a singer and became a band. I played until I was 19. I became a father at that time, so I quit the band and sold all my equipment for money.

    Through my early to mid 20's I would dabble on the bass occassionaly, but never bought one. I finally started playing again when I was 28. An old friend of mine played drums and convinced me to start playing again with him and another friend of his who played guitar.

    Well, that was 6 years ago and I have been playing ever since and have been in a number bands. Some were gigging bands, others were not. I think I am an average bass player. I get compliments from people, but most are non-musicians, so I thank them and in my head think, fooled another one. I am striving to get better. One area I really need to know more of is theory. I know the basics, such as keys, scales, chords and can read very basic notation. However most theory is still a puzzle were I have some of the pieces, but I dont know how to put it together. I have justed started taking theory lessons at MusicDojo and I am hoping that it starts to help with piecing it togther.

    My biggest hope is that it opens up the fretboard for me. There are times where I feel I own the bass, and there are other times were I feel the bass owns me.

    Here is a question, how do you define the line that seperates repetitious from it just being your style. I feel that most of my basslines sound very similar to one another. Is that repetitious? Or is that my style?

    This may sound ridiculous to some, but does anyone ever feel anxiety about deviating from their norm when they play? I try to alter my lines so they sound different from one another, but I always feel that I had it right the first time.

    Hopefully theory will help me break through the barriers. I need to master my bass.

    What inspired all of this? Les Claypool. I was listening Primus and realized how I was limiting what can be done with a bass.

    Well that was a long post. Thanks for reading.


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