my strings ring/rattle. what do i do?

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  1. green_lady

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    Jul 25, 2001
    :confused: i just started playing the bass a few months ago, so i', not really sure what i'm doing. when i play the strings ring/ rattle. is that normal? am i plucking wrong? is something wrong with my bass (i bought it used and it had just got back from the repail shop)?
  2. watt

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    Aug 24, 2001
    san pedro, california

    maybe the action of the strings is too low. they have to be high enough to clear the frets when you play. this can be caused by either the bridge saddles being too low or the truss rod in the neck being adjusted too tight. the nut saddles might be too low also. take this to a good shop and have someone there listen and watch you play and then have them make the appropriate adjustments. if you play hard (like watt), you need the action higher than someone who plays soft (they can get away w/lower action).

    also, there might be problems like a fret sticking up too high or a twisted neck.

    on bass, watt

  3. wizo

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    Jan 23, 2003
    Maybe ur string is to high on the nut. put your strings on so that they come from the tuning peg lower ...Maybe, well thats my guess anyway.