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My SX is on the way...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Phish Bassist, May 13, 2004.

  1. Due to the highly recommended SX bass for its price vs quality, I did order it, but I have some questions. 1, I ordered last monday night, when do you think it will arrive? I live in Wisconsin. Anyone near me that bought one? 2, Is there anything I should modify before I even play? Like change strings, new pickups, etc.... 3, I cant wait!!!


  2. Well, somewhat welcome to TB (you have 2post...)

    Anyways. I would highly suggest you change the strings when you get it.

    And note that later down the road, you could/should upgrade the bridge and pickups.

    Also, don't be suprised, if the tuning heads aren't the best, so, you may want to get a new set, if you don't like them or they break.

    Just my 2 censcets

  3. Saetia


    Mar 27, 2003
    I too am from Wisconsin, Fort Atkinson to be exact, what part do you hail from? Where is Essex located? Everything I've ever ordered has gotten to me quite quick. I've had many things shipped to me. I bought a 6 string Peavey from a fellow Tb'er who lived in San Diego and it took 5 days to get here UPS ground. I bought an Ampeg SVP-BSP pre amp from another Tb'er who lived in Ohio and it took like 3 days. I also bought a Music man HD212 cabinet from a member who lived in Indiana and it took two days. I once sold a bass to someone in Florida and it took like 5 days for it to reach there. Hope it give you some sort of time frame. Once again where is Essex located, to better judge when it will arrive? Umm I would wait to get the bass and put some time into playing it before you actually think about upgrading it. Once you've got some time into playing it, learning how it sounds and how to get the sounds you want out of it. If after that you find it unsatisfactory, I would say start with strings, many members here can attest to it taking many years to find your favorite strings, and favorite strings for certain bass'. After that I would say pickups, you could swap out the ones you have for something nicer and possibly active to get more tone shaping capabilities. Another upgrade could be a new bridge, such as a Bad Ass II. Then after that the only things I can think of would be purely asthetic. Hope I helped.
  4. Mazinger

    Mazinger Supporting Member

    Nov 9, 2002
    If everything works fine, then just change the strings to whatever you normally use.

    I'm pretty happy with my SX. Very nice bass. The strings are just a thinner gauge than what I normally use.
  5. dave_clark69

    dave_clark69 Guest

    Jan 17, 2003
    when you said sx, i thought you meant cubase :)
  6. I live in Fond du Lac, at the bottom of Lake Winnebago. Rondo music is out of New Jersey if I'm not mistaken. I'm looking around the Saturday/Monday range for when I get it. Definetly hoping Saturday.

    I think I'll just wait to mod it unless something breaks so I can get a feel for what sounds I want/ don't want.

    Thanks for the help everyone.

  7. Saetia


    Mar 27, 2003
    Cool Cool, I know the anticipation of waiting for a new bass. You'll be happy with it. Are you in a band right now or are you just starting out? Fon Du Lac is like an hour a 15 minutes or so from here (I like in Jefferson County).
  8. No, I am not in a band, but hope to find one maybe in a month or two after I get going. Yeah, like you said, I can't wait. Everyday I drive home from school I quickly check to see if its here. I hate waiting for things to come, it seems like it takes an eternity. Can't wait to start playing, there is already a good amount of bass lines that I want to learn, mostly John Paul Jones' creations. I think that while not all of them being the most complicated or crazy(excluding the Lemon Song of course, wow), I think that all of them are flawless and sound great to my ears.

  9. yeah, i got an essex, i got it in a week and a half, and i live in wisconsin Rapids, about an hour and a half north of you. i think you will find that an essex is definatly worth the wait though! i got mine just for modding, but i will admit, when i got it, it played so sweetly, i didn't have to change anything. i was impressed.
    Fond du lac eh? i have a dad who lives there...maybe we'll have to jam at mike's music sometime! :D

  10. Bass


    Nov 10, 2003
    My Essex took 5 days to arrive and I live in Canada! Use the UPS parcel tracking system. Very nice... I knew when the bass was in my City and waited at the door for the driver to arrive.

    I was surprised at how well the SX was set up. As mentioned by others, new strings are number 1, perhaps bridge, pickup and tuning heads later. The neck on my SX is straight but a couple of frets seem high and could use a little dressing. No matter, I also bought the SX for "modding". It's quite a pleasure to play right out of the box, though.
  11. yeah. I just ordered one last night to be a backup to my 72 p-bass. But I've been thinking I might want to semi-retire the P - it's all original and i've been using it as primary for 10+ years. it might be time to give it rest and avoid messing it up.

    hoping the sx can cut it and can't wait to get it.