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My take on the Digitech BP200 vs. the Zoom 708 II.

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by TampaBlues, Nov 30, 2002.

  1. TampaBlues


    Oct 28, 2002
    Tampa, Florida
    I just sent back the Digitech BP200 to American Musical supply and am getting the Zoom 708 II. Call me wishy washy, but I had to change my mind. I had the opportunity to try both of these (BP200 and 708II) a little more extensively and now I have to give the 708II my endorsement, not that that means anything to anyone, but the 708II has more features than the BP200, more effects and a far better rythym trainer. I like the Amp and cabinet models better on the 708II as well. It is a bit less user freindly but that just means I will have to get into the manual deeper. It also has a sampler which the BP200 does not have, I believe you also have the ability to record a sample of a song and slow it down some without changing the pitch which can be nice if you play by ear the way I do. There are also Smart media cards which you can purchase for it that allow you to download and save patches and also save patches and samples of your own. I love the fact that the 708II has an on/off switch which is something the BP200 is lacking and in my opinion beats the heck out of unpluging and pluging in the cord everytime you use it. I still don't like that it is made of plastic but heck I do not plan on jumping up and down on this thing anyway. It would be nice if they would throw in the AC adapter but you don't have a choice to use batteries with the BP200 because plugging it in is your only option. Well thats my two cents, hope it helps any of you who are pondering these effects pedals make a decision. ;)
  2. punkfunkfreak


    Dec 16, 2001
    Great post. A hard topic for a review as everyone has a different idea of what they want from a multi.
    I agree that the 708II is better than the BP200 on most (if not all) levels...but i still think its not really a good purchase. I wish i hadnt bought a zoom and that id started with single effects. Still...different strokes for different folks. Keep contributing tampa.
  3. Mike N

    Mike N Missing the old TB Staff Member Supporting Member

    Jan 28, 2001
    Spencerport, New York
    Did you find the DigiTech pedal to be noisey? Ive got a Zoom 506 II that is incredibly noisey.
  4. punkfunkfreak


    Dec 16, 2001
    i didnt find it particularly noisey...actually it was as quiet as the 708 (pretty damn quiet...i could use it for recording if i needed to).
  5. Tyler Dupont

    Tyler Dupont Wesly Headpush

    I had a BP200 for a bit ... I sent it back ... but i did play around with some recording and it wasn't too bad... I'm sure someone with alot of recording/mastering experience could do wonders with it ... the reason I sent it back is the effects just sucked. Most of them are completely useless, the distortions were bad, there was all kinds of trippy space like effects that one would probably never use .. unless you're into psychadelic noise type stuff. However, I did like the wah and the compression..
  6. The 708ii is quite tasty, thyank you.
    My lead guitarrist got the Digietech high-end multifx/recorder and I had been looking into the bass version, but after reading this thread and really assessing what my needs were, after having built an almighty analog pedal board, I settled on the 708ii and am quite happy with it. FYI the BOSS AC adapter works just fine. I had a few of them lying around after converting my analog board to a power supply (Dunlop DC Brick, an excellecnt choice in that it has 9v and 18v outputs). I am finding some of the factory patches and rhythms useable, and once I get involved with programming the 8-10 sounds that I would regularly use, I suppose that the Smart Media capabilities will come in handy. Oh yes, if you know where to shop, you can get a SmartMedia reader/PC interface and a card for under $20. I of course spent a bit more to get the full 128MB card, as I see some sequencing possibilities. Thoe most readily apparent becomes using a bossa beat to assist a trio arrangement of "Oye Como Va" and let my drummer get off on a steel drum solo. Any 708ii Smart Media users out there, lets trade some patches and sequences!
  7. hauntedhouse


    Sep 25, 2007
    New York
    I just picked up the 708 for 60 bucks! I was pretty surprised at rehearsal when I found the "lowend" octave effect and nearly blew my amp up. The other patches are really loud and fuzzed out, which i think is a good thing. However, the rhythm/drum beat feature was not that impressive...the beats did not seem like they were in time and the kick drum popped a bit.

    overall I would recommend this pedal for sheer bang for your buck value.....and it works with the boss dc woohoo!
  8. I have BP200, also. I got it for free, it is still a bad value to me. I only use it a headphone amp now for quiet practice(I can't always crank up a GK 1001)
  9. therex


    Jun 24, 2007
    is the zoom b2 anthing like the zoom 708?

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