My TC Electronic RH450 amplifier died. Any users had problems?

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  1. I'm broken-hearted :(

    I bought the RH450 head back in March and have gigged it a bit. Beautiful amp. Sounds great.

    Last night I didn't need to use it, as the venue had its own amps etc, but I prefer to use my own. So I get there, set my head, reconnect... pressed the switch, and I was greeted by a beautiful spark display accompanied by teh smell of burnt plastic.

    I did the gig with the house amp and when I got home at 3am I checked my RH450. No signs of damage, no blackened parts, it doesn't even smell... overoptimistic I plugged it in. But no, it's dead, well and truly.

    I'm surprised. I suspect the power supply, although I am no expert... The cable and mains outlet were fine (powered the other amp just fine after my incident). Plugs here have a fuse built in which didn't go off, as they would if there were a problem with the cable itself.

    It's under warranty, so I'll go to the shop (glad I bought it locally and not online) and get them to help me. I hope I can get a replacement on the spot as I have more gigs coming up and I'm going to have to get some kind of amp to get me by, and in my experience warranty repairs are never all that fast.

    Has anybody had any problems with their RH450 heads? Or have they dealt with warranty repairs with TC Electronic equipment? Are they good, fast, etc?

    sob... :crying:
  2. Unfortunately, no company (in any category) has a 0% failure rate.

    IMO and IME, it's always best to start by contacting the company directly. Most companies will work with you directly to get a replacement, or work with your retail outlet to get things right.

    Good luck. While this company is new to bass amplification, they've been around a long time. My guess is, they will drop ship you a new amp and send a call tag for the one you have (or that's what they should do anyway).
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    Jan 12, 2009
    And so it begins...
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    As Ken posted amps do fail. All companies in the electronics field suffer from "infant mortality" where a component will fail for no real apparent reason. Most are caught at burn in but others last just a bit past that time. TC does make excellent equipment and have a good reputation. I feel confident that you will be looked after. Call them.

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    Jan 12, 2009
    Hi mcnach.

    To my knowledge you have the distinction of being the first RH450 owner to report an amp failure on TalkBass.

    At the risk of my being obvious, you may wish to contact tc electronic re your amp problem.

    Given the amount of effort they've put into launching their new bass rig I'd imagine they'd be quite keen to help you in a timely manner.
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    They must be aware that the the guys who got snubbed in the Test Pilot debacle will be watching with intense interest. I just find it sad that a non test pilot suffered the first casualty. Murphy's law is hard at work here unless the TP units were checked out more thoroughly befor shipping!

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    Please do. It's in customer support where otherwise fine equipment fails. Good Luck!

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    1) :eek: Circling specs in an azure sky... :)

    2) So do I, but I'm not surprised since if anything was checked out more thoroughly, it would have been the AC supply the tc test pilots' RH450's were plugged into, as opposed to what mcnach's amp may have encountered, the often out-of-spec AC on offer at venues sporting 'stage-wiring-by-club-owner's-brother-in-law'. :eyebrow:

    But then any pro bass amp should be able to contend with these realities.

    The Traynor MONO Block II which I bought new and beat the hell out of on the road subsisted for years on one AC wiring atrocity after another without shutting down for any reason--including dropping into 'protection mode', or overheating etc like various brands of micro amps are reported to have done. :rollno:
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    Did the amp's fuse blow? I ask this because it gives an indication of whether you had a current surge, or a voltage spike, or a faulty component. Given that it happened the moment you turned the amp on, I'm leaning towards a voltage spike, and if the fuse is still in tact, this will confirm it.

    I had a similar problem with my AI. I picked the repairer's brain and found out that the makers of these smaller amps are often reluctant to incorporate a MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) into their designs. Sure they're catch the voltage spike, but they could in the worst case scenario also spew molten plasma into the amps other components, and in such a small space that can do more damage than if the MOV's weren't there.

    The easiest and cheapest way to safely incorporate a MOV into you circuit is to use a power strip which built in surge protection (in addition to the resettable current circuit breaker we're all familiar with). A voltage spike will ruin the power strip and that's all.

    I'm glad you're under warranty and I'm sure TC will have you up and running again in no time.
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    If you have problems let me know. I'm a TC Dealer and could probably help you out, although I suspect they will handle this well, without giving you any problems...
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    Jan 12, 2009
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    Jan 12, 2009

    So.., there's no room to surround a MOV with an aluminium box to contain its potential disintegration?


    (Personally, I'm rooting for these tiny amps to succeed. I don't like schlepping dead weight any more than the next person.)

  14. Not sure if the amp's fuse blew or not. I'd have to open it... and as it is under warranty I don't want to open the thing.

    I have been thinking about getting some kind of power strip to bring always with me, something that will act as a barrier between me (and my equipment) and the possibly dodgy power supply of a venue. I'm going to look into that straight away.

    and yeah, TC have been great... will post about it next.
  15. UPDATE:

    Short version: TCE customer support gets 11 points over 10. Many many thanks Uffe, and Bruce Davidson for their help!

    Longer version: This very morning I got an email from Tech Support advising me to contact their UK's centre directly to arrange a spedy repair. At the same time, Uffe had seen my original post in Talkbass and emailed me offering to get me in touch with one of their guys in the UK (Bruce). That he did, and soon after Bruce had already talked to my local dealer. Upon finding that they had just sold out their last RH450, he arranged to get a new unit sent from Denmark immediately, and should be at my local dealer for collection on Wednesday.
    It seems on Wednesday at some point I will be able to walk in with the defunct amplifier, and leave with a new one under my arm... ready to play my next gig with the new RH450and not missing a beat!
    Top marks. Obviously I'm disappointed the amp broke, but I'm not delusional enough not to know that well, things do fail sometimes despite the most stringent tests. With this level of service, I can only say I intend to have another RH450 as backup at some point in the future. All I had to do was write a couple of notes, and they sorted everything for me.

    Alright, I'll stop now, or I'll look like I work for them ;-)
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    I/m very glad it was sorted in short order. :)

    MIJ you should add MarkBass to that list too.

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    Resist the temptation to go nuts. For reference if a typical 4 point power strip usually costs $5 (as it does here), you should be able to get one with voltage spike protection for $10 or so. I mention this because you can also get units that cost more then the amp would have and there's no need to go to those extremes according to my amp tech.

    Glad to hear TC sorted you out!!
  18. Kudos to TC
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    Jan 12, 2009
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    Yeah, I suppose I could since they've been good all along about swapping out the occasional dead Markie for a live one.

    It would seem that tc can now be added too! :)

    I'd also like to add Traynor but there hasn't been much of a chance to since the YBA200 evolved into the YBA200-2. :D