My Trek to GC

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by HWK2, Oct 3, 2001.

  1. Ladies and gentlemen, I have been to the Guitar Center, and it was good.... :)

    I played a whole bunch of very nice basses.. Conklin GT's, a couple Ibanez's, Stingrays (and OLP's) and a couple fenders.. and a Fodera :)

    I figure I would throw out a couple reviews.

    A/B comparrison of OLP/MM requires me to commit Bass herecy.. I prefered the OLP... the neck on the MM's that I played felt like I was playing a baseball bat, and the sound I got out of them was just a bit too bright, althought I got a pretty decent sound out of it (decent being subjective.. the sound I was looking for would be a better term) affter some EQ tweaking.. but the OLP sounded the way I wanted it too after only 5 seconds of tone knob tweaking.. oh how nice it was.. The setup was even pretty good.. it needed a tuning.. but thats not to hard :) I am sure that the MM is a great bass, I know alot of people love it, and the OLP is NOT an MM, but that seems to be a good thing for me.. Both balance sooo well.. much nicer then, soon to be mentioned Fender.

    Fodera.. omg.. oh how nice this bass was..5'er, and I loved it.. just flat loved it.. but I don't want to spend $2100 on a bass right now... But omg, it was sooo nice :)

    Conklin 7 stringer GT.. Wow.. that be one HUGE neck.. I played it, and actually, it was very cool, but the string spacing was just sooooo close, with so many strings, I was getting lost on the neck. Didn't really plug in the bass, because I was afraid I would hurt the little SWG I was playing though..

    Played the 5'er OLP.. don't touch it.. the B is like a shoe lace.

    The fender MIA I played was soooooooooooooo neck heavy, it was actually hard to play... I put it back after a couple minutes of fiddling...... and I am a fender guy! :)

    Oh, and I randomlly picked up a Danelectro off the rack... well.. a breeze could have too.. the thing was soooo light.. but at the same time.. I was not really impressed with the sound.. the pups are so far apart, that it either sounds boomy, or twangy..

    Hmm anything else of note...

    OH yes, the Ibanez Ergodyne (sp?)...... oh wow.... oh wow... And by wow, I mean EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... My favorite part of this bass was finger plucking the strings right ON the bridge, I got some cool phaser sounds out of it.. It's pretty cool looking, I suppose, and the string spacing was really nice on a 5... good and wide, with my long fingers it was nice to see a 5'er with the spacing more like a 4. Then again, the Fodera was really nice and easy to play with just right spacing..

    Wow, it was an interesting Trek indeed..

    And now the disclaimer.. the above represents only my opinion and while you might not like it, that doesn't mean we need ANOTHER disgruntled OLP thread, or something like that. I am just saying what I did, and what I liked, and so yes... :) There you have it.