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  1. I need a very small amp that will fit in a rucksack or something (as I have to get the bus to my friend's house to jam). Volume luckily isn't terribly important as she just plays acoustic guitar.

    Weight should therefire be about 10-13 lbs. Only something with a 6.5" speaker can really be possible in this weight, luckily large volume output isn't important, as I said before.

    The options I am considering are:

    Peavey Max 126

    10w, 11 lbs, 6.5" speaker.


    Roland Cube Monitor CM-30.

    30w, 12.5 lbs, 6.5" speaker.

    Not strictly a bass amp but 30w and a 6.5" speaker just like the Peavey. Marginally heavier but only just. Multiple inputs which could be useful for looping guitar and vocals using my RC-20XL.

    The CM-30 goes for about £120 and the Max 126 for about £45. I'm leaning towards the CM-30 because I think it'd be useful forever (with bass and anything else) wheras i'd outgrow the Max 126 as soon as my transportation situation improved.

    Any ideas or comments?

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    I'd go for the 30w. do you plan on performing anywhere? or just making music together alone... :D
  3. Hehe, well perhaps. We have some friends who put on gigs at a big ol' 16th century church, but they have a PA obviously...but yeah I think the 30w one would be much more versatile. Plus you can get two and link them together which would make for some stereo fun!
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  5. Hey Philip

    I recently picked up a used peavey Microbass (similar to the Max 126, but its 20w I think) for home practise and for jamming in a similar situation to or two acoustic guitars, even a light-handed drummer with brushes/rods sometimes. It fits the bill the weight factor, and while a tiny speaker will obviously not get you a big sound, it is more than enough for what I need.

    I did not have to make a choice about wattage however, as I already own a large 200w Yorkville combo that gets used in louder situations. It might well be advantageous to have a little more power for other jamming situations down the road. The ultimate solution that I can think of is the Gallien Krueger mb-150 (150w, 23 or so lbs) but its quite expensive.
  6. I have Roland CM30. I use it for practising at home and am happy with it. The overal sound is pretty neutral - relatively flat, without extra high or low/mid-low frequencies. It can't handle low B on high volume, but with 4 string can get loud enough for jam with 2 acoustic guitars and singers. HTH :)

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