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My words taste delicious - Ampeg Rig GOING!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by teedub, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Wow, how the times have changed. I'm now gigging with a few groups and have to move my gear all over the place, rather than just leaving it at "the rehearsal space". My mighty SVT-4 Pro, and BXT210+115 rig has become too heavy and cumbersome for such mobility. I've got a WHOLE new rig on the way, and I'm absolutely pumped and unreservedly saddened at the same time.

    I initially "downsized" to the 210+115 setup because my PR410HLF was just WAY too heavy. Going from that to the BXT's was like a slice of heaven. But I still needed some help with the 115 if there was stairs involved. No big deal though, just slow going if no one was around. Now that I'm on my own (band-wise), the need for portability has increased ten-fold. So here's my solutions:

    BBE Bmax, QSC PLX-1602, Avatar B210 Neo+B212 Neo.

    The reason I'm telling you all this is that I don't think I would have been able to downsize and re-evaluate my rig so efficiently without the help of the TB family. I haven't so much "downsized" as "educated myself". Determining exactly what I was needing, as opposed to the big amp companies telling me what I need, was brought to light by this forum. I'm not rockin' out huge arenas, or even touring much anymore, and having the rig to suit my needs is a dream come true. I got the Avatar B210 Neo tonight and A/B'd it with the BXT210. The Ampeg pretty much smoked it, but it's definitely MORE than I ever needed. The little Avatar still has a great tone, and paired up with the 212, it will still be able to melt some faces if need be.

    Anyway, I'm writing this little blurb as a thanks to all the TB'ers that answered my questions, directed me to all the right threads, and helped me determine the rig I NEED. Namely seansbrew, Maverick Blues, Bob Lee (QSC), and Jazzin'........and to all the others that participated in the countless threads I studied, many thanks.

  2. Quick little update:

    Played the Avatar again this morning, elevated it off the floor (I had them both on their ends last night), and it just improved the tone 10x. This little cab is actually pretty AWESOME. Punch for days, and the 212 will pound.:hyper:

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