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My year in basses...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by drummer5359, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. drummer5359

    drummer5359 Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 10, 2011
    Pittsburgh PA USA
    At he end of 2011 I sent the Jackson JS40 that had rekindled my intrest in playing bass to my sweetheart's niece in California so that she could use it to learn.


    That left me with my two Peavey's, a Dyna and a Fury, as well as a Schecter C-4 XXX.



    As 2012 started I was happy with my small fleet of basses and didn't expect that it would end up being the year that I entered (my) bass heaven.

    I was hoping to pick up a used American Standard bass, likely a Precision, and I was hoping that it would be a 2008 or newer as I like the newer bridge and "thin" finishes. I was saving my pennies and happened across a new 2011 American Standard 60th Anniversary Precision. I had to have it and put it on lay away...


    I picked it up in about two weeks. Wow, my gas was cured forever, I'd never need or want another bass. (Yeah, right.)

    Shortly after that I stumbled upon a Squier VM Precision TB in perfect condition, really cheap. Hmm... It would be a great "stunt bass" and was Fender-ish. I always really liked Telecaster basses, so what the heck... what's one more?



    I decided that it was time to thin the herd. After all, I'm primarily a drummer percusionist, me having five basses was a little stupid. So, I sold the Dyna. That left the Peavey Fury, Schecter C-4, Fender 60th P and Squier Tele copy, I was set!

    Then I ran into my cousin Eric. He and I played in bands together on and off (with me on drums) for thirty or so years. He wasn't playing in a band anymore and decided to thin his herd of basses. Knowing that I was in a quest to become a "serious" bassist, he thought that he'd see if I were interested in any of his. I mentioned earlier in this post that I always had a thing for Telecaster basses, Eric was the reason why. In 1975 he bought his first "good" bass a 1972 Telecaster Bass from the original owner. I was with him when he bought it and was in serious lust for that bass. I didn't need it. I as a "still learning" bassist don't deserve to have a bass that nice, much less more than one. But... I couldn't help myself. I bought it from him for a very good price as he wanted to keep it in the family.


    I sold the Squier Vintage Modified TB. I figured that I now had a "real" Tele bass, it was redundent.

    Life was good. I had the Peavey Fury, Schecter C-4, Fender 60th and the vintage Tele bass of my dreams, there was nothing else that I could ever want or need as far as basses go.

    I had decided to thin my herd of drums. I was looking to sell several snare drums and stumbled upon a chance to trade a couple of snares for a 2011 used American Standard Jazz bass. Wow! That would be cool. That happened the same week that I got the Tele. Insane, but I did it anyway.


    I put a black guard on it so it "matched" my other American Fenders... I was done.


    The Peavey at this point lived upstairs in my guest room. I would pick it up whenever I wanted to play, yet not walk down to the bassment music room. It worked well for that use. Then I was introduced through a mutual friend to a guy who was looking to sell his 1988-89 MIJ Precision REEEEALLY cheap. Hmm. What would I do with that? Well, I could clean it up and flip it. It played really nice. I bought it. The tort guard on it was warped, someone had put black knobs on it and it had holes where there had once been a thumb rest.


    I put a black guard on it, chrome knobs and a thumb rest to cover the holes. It really played nice and ended up in the guest room. Now it's my "go to" upstairs bass.


    So, now I'm REALLY done. Honest, really... or at least I thought that I was.

    When I was a kid I had a "Telestar" bass (Teisco) that my parents had bought me at "Murphy's Mart. There was recently one on ebay. It was identical to the one that I had as a kid. Okay, this was the stupidist purchase that I've ever made. It showed up and it is exactly the right size for an eight year old. It will end up being wall art.


    So, I was at a gig right before Christmas playing hand percussion. The bassist in that band had a 1995 Musicman Stingray, wow, it was really nice and for sale too. I told him that as cool as it is, I really don't "need" another bass. I don't have the cash right now. It's almost Christmas. I'm going to sell some drums off, maybe if he still has it then...

    Drums? He was looking for a small drum set, what did I have? The short story is that I traded a kit for this 1995 Stingray. It currently has a matte black guard on it. I'll pick up a gloss black guard when I can so it will "fit in".



    I swear that I didn't intend to put together this crazy lineup of basses. I'm concentrating on my playing and am confident that I will never need another bass. (Yeah, right...)

    So, did anyone else have a crazy odyssey of bass purchases and sales in 2012?
  2. ggvicviper

    ggvicviper Yamaha & Grosbeak. I’m Marc!

    Jul 16, 2011
    East Meadow, NY, USA
    I had an odyssey like non other this year... Though I won't provide pics.

    I started the year with a G&L L-1505, a Yamaha BB415 and a Fender CIJ '51 Precision Reissue. None of these are with me today. I also had my first bass (Carlo Robelli) and my dad's '75 Fender Jazz, but the former has a very badly warped neck, and the latter isn't really mine.

    First thing in the new year was to get a Fender MB-5 which I'd always thought was cool, so I got one used online from parts.

    I also wanted to get a modern P bass and rid myself of the '51 RI that I felt was very uncomfortable to play. I flipped the CIJ 51 and bought a new Fender MIM Std P. This bass shall be a mainstay, as I've always been happy with it.

    I also found an Ibanez Destroyer bass from 1983 for cheap. I snagged it.

    The MB-5 love was not long lasting, and triggered a series of frustrations with 5-string basses. The MB-5 in particular had a number of dead spots and the neck was too thin. I flipped it.

    Next came a Spector Performer 5. Initially satisfied, but the instrument had a tough truss rod cover, the nut was cut way too low, and the frets were really high. I donated this.

    I also decided to sell the Yamaha BB. I regret this, but it wasn't getting much playtime. It was a better bass than other basses I am mentioning here.

    Afterwards came a Guild Pilot SB605 from 1988. Ultimately a very cool bass, and it satisfied the desire for a good 5-string for a while...

    ...so much so that my problematic G&L was no longer wanted. I figured since since it was a mistake to sell the Yammie, I found a really cheap RBX-5 to get at GC used. The G&L left, the RBX replaced it. The RBX is pretty cool, and has done me well.

    With a stable lineup, you'd think I would be satisfied. Nope - something was still missing. I went to Sam Ash one day, and I kept playing this American Standard Precision V. The price went down and I bought it. This is another bass that will never leave.

    Now I have my stable, right? Well, turns out I was never all that thrilled with the Guild either. Nothing wrong with it per se, but it just wasn't doing it for me. After a bunch of back & forth, I decided to donate this as well, and search for a good 3rd 5er that could be in my lineup. I wanted one from a local company too. I tried another Spector Performer, but I was left I satisfied, and returned it. Around this time, I felt myself becoming a serious bass addict, so I needed to back away.

    That leaves us to where we are today. I have two 5-string basses coming for early 2013 - a KSD burner and a Italian Imola fretless. I will try both, and I will ultimately keep the one that I think is better. If they both suck, they will both be returned and that's it for me and getting 5-strings - I can't do this anymore.

    I don't want to buy another bass for a long time.
  3. Started with my 72 Precision, ended with my 72 Precision. 40 years and it keeps on ticking.

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  4. Baird6869

    Baird6869 RIP Gord Downey. A True Canadian Icon.

    Great post!

    I had a crazy bass year and will post about it when I get a few minutes.
  5. Great story, and you already know I love your basses!!
  6. simenandreas


    Jan 23, 2011
    My story goes from a Yamaha bb414


    To a unknown Dimavery SB‑526 6‑String


    To a Musicman Stringray 5


    To a Marcus Miller jazz bass. Witch is my favorite :D


    I have also owned a squier jazz modified 77

    A fender jazz standard 5

    And a fender standard p-bass


    And a KSD proto J 705
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