Mystery Bass...Help?

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  1. The other day I went to a gig of some band whose name I don't know - and the bassist was playing a Westone bass. I didn't have time to ask him what the model number was, but the Sound of it,, - honestly, I've never heard so much Punch coming out of a bass. Does anyone know what model it may be? - It was a black 5-string, 2 humbuckers (mid/bridge) - not sure which. I actually noticed when he was packing up that he had a fretless neck in the hard case (I guess as an alternative? - there was a slot for it...) - anyone know the model name or the name of a similar model by Westone?
  2. Try this website...
    i don't know much about westone, but that rail bass looks like a great idea...i mean come on, one pickup that slides anywhere from the bridge to the neck position? thats a great idea...why haven't we thought of this before???

  3. Didn't Gibson make a bass with a sliding pickup years ago? Maybe it was the Ripper, I dunno.
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    and Spalt makes on that looks like a windshield wiper- the Spalt vViper
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    As I recall, the 4-string with interchangeable fretted and fretless necks was called the Westone Spectrum LX bass (might have been DX). Follow the website link above - list of guitars, then spectrum basses (wish I had kept it now). Never realized there was a 5 string version.
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    I have a Spectrum bass with 2 necks. It is a 4 string.

    Like JDGA fan said, I was not aware that this was ever offered in a 5 string.
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    Charlie, the Rail may have seemed like a good idea but thats as far as it got, at the time my guitar player was playing a Steinberger and I picked up a headless Westone Rail (as a joke), people were lining up at break to see what the heck I was playing, I never got to sit down. I did put a EMG pickup in it and it sounded ok, but the neck was like a Baseball bat, fat and chunky only rubber like, it needed a carbon fiber neck or somthing like that. But as far as looks went, it was a bass fit for the Terminator.
    I sold it and got a Steinberger.

    David T
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    many of the westone basses came with a fretted & a fretless neck (i think mine did but i bought it from a pawn shop, the alan key bolt that attaches the neck seems to have a bit of ware so...)

    5 string... i belive they made a 5 string Westone GT Bass, great bass it was too... GT's put out a great tone.
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    Apparently the site has been "deactivated due to inactivity".... :(

    A mate of mine has a rather nice headless Westone 4-string that I'd (and he'd) be interested in getting more info on... not all that much info online about them.

    Russ :bassist:
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    It could also be a Pantera. As far as i know it was the only westone 5 string. It came in black or pearl white. I have a pearl white as a second bass. :bassist: But never heard of a stock fretless.
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