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Mystery Bass

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by superferrite, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. superferrite


    Oct 6, 2004
    I have a Peavey six string bass called an "Axcelerator". It's an active 18volt bass, sold the year Cirrus was introduced. Does anyone know what it's worth or any info on that model.
  2. Don't know...but had some time during recoup from surgery, so here's some info:

    "The new six-string bass from Peavey is the latest in the Axcelerator, the Axcelerator Plus and Axcelerator 5 family of bass guitars. The deeply contoured body is made from light, resonant poplar with an extended upper horn for better balance. The one-piece maple neck is capped with a pau ferro fingerboard that adds beauty and stiffness. The VFL-6 pickups were developed especially for these instruments and the output is fed to the same shelving circuit common to all the Axcelerator basses.

    Other features include: 35 inch scale on a single-piece maple neck, 21 fret pau ferro fingerboard, master volume, pickup balance and two-way active tone shaping. Colors are: Pearl Black, Candy Apple Red Metallic Purple and Metallic Gold.

    Peavey Electronics Corporation is located at 711 A Street, Meridian, MS 39301. Call them at 601-483-5365 FAX 601-486-1278. E-mail: AOL:Keyword: Peavey or CompuServe: GO: Peavey or Web to: www.peavey.com"

    I'd suggest contacting Peavey. They are really quite responsive and would answer any question that you'd have about their bass.

    From what I've read: 18V active electronics and a pau ferro fingerboard doesn't sound like a cheapo axe. How's it play and sound?