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MyWalkman hisses when I transfer practice tapes to my computer!

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by rabid_granny, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. We record our practices using a 4-track but we only use two tracks. I want to put the practices on my computer so I can burn a CD of the good takes. It'll be easier to sort through the stuff and organize it in a practical manner. However, when I plug my Walkman into the soundcard input, the motor overpowers the practice. Is there a program that can clean that stuff up? Is there a better way of transfering the sound?
  2. Cool edit is a well known software package for cleaning up soundfiles in almost any format, but before you tunr to a software solution i suggest you should try to get a clear input signal since other music "data" WILL get lost after filtering the hiss out, and that's not what you want is it.

    Important is to see if you're not overpowering your input, Are you sure the volume on the walkman's output isn't set too high? and that you are using the right input on your soundcard? You shoold use the line-input, not the mic-input.

    Also make sure you got a decent soundcard, I'm using a Creative Soundblaster LIve, and recording bass direct through the mic-input works well, also i've got my amp connected to the line-input and thats clear sound. The recordings aren't prof quality but it gives a good inpression on the song.

    Last option, when you're sure it's the walkman cousing the hiss, try using a tape deck or the 4track you used for recording, i know it's not easy to drag all that stuff along but it's a price to pay.