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  1. izpak


    Feb 17, 2016
    Essex, UK
    Finally received these two monsters this week.

    The left is a 1984 ESP Yamash(I)ta Masayoshi PPJ from the Japanese metal band Loudness. (TB doesn't like this guy's name)
    This is the earlier model with a 3 way switch. The two P pickups act as one large pickup on this model.

    The right side is a 1978 Ovation Magnum I. Weighs a ton and sounds great with a ton of low end with the flats that came on it.
    Being a Magnum I it has the stereo jack that can send each pickup to a different amp but haven't had time to set up a second amp to test it.
    I had been gassing for a Magnum I or II for a while now but only III and IV were being put up for sale. I think that this was on reverb for 2 hours when I bought it haha.
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  2. Robert Darby

    Robert Darby

    Mar 23, 2018
    O yea the Magnum its so manly. Cool.