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  1. So a friend asked me to play a couple of live shows. It's sort of an indie/alt country thing that (IMHO) called for a P-Bass. Not having a P, I called a friend to borrow his. He built it from parts as a Jamerson tribute. Fralin PU, Nitro finish, This is the first time I've played an instrument with a Nitro finish and I have to say it took a little getting used to. I'm not sure I would opt for one. Anywho, this has that classic P thump and the chrome bridge cover and the tort just add that little touch of class. I may have to pick up something similar so I don't have to keep borrowing his. Anyway, I know you just want to see the pics. :bassist:
  2. Fender body/neck?
  3. IMG680.jpg
    From what my friend has said, yes.
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