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  1. bigtone23


    Dec 10, 2014
    Denver, CO
    This is not a scoop worthy news event, but I picked up a near mint TC BH250 head with a Switch 3 footswitch. Gotta say that I really like this head, I know there is some honeymoon going on, but I see this being a pretty solid purchase.
    It was a pragmatic purchase, for this could fill in the following needs I had:
    1. A small head that could be easily be carried as a backup.
    2. An all-in-one, plug and play head, saving me carrying a small pedalboard and tuner.
    3. A headphone practice amp/preamp for DI playing and recording.

    Took it to a practice Sunday and a 3 hour gig last night. Plugged it into my reloaded Kustom TuckNRoll 2x12" cab and it performed flawlessly. It was an 80s cover band, so I needed some classic chorus and spectracomp compression, both of which sounded great. Being able to switch effects with my phone on the fly will come in handy for songs that may require a special effect.
    After 3 hours of hitting it at about 60-70% of it's capability (ran the master around 5-6 all night with my Jazz V Deluxe) it was still cool to the touch. That was impressive.
    I have read that it's a smoother, darker sounding head, and with the controls flat, it did kind of sound that way, but my Kustom cab is also a little bumpy in the low mids (it has a Hartke Hydrive and Peavey Scorpion speakers in it, 4 ohms). Rolling off the low end a touch and a slight boost to the mids and highs took care of that.
    The Switch 3 is a must have, being able to mute to switch instruments or tune, as well as switching two effects onboard is really handy.
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  2. Flippy


    Jun 9, 2017
    I remember looking at this amp thinking "who would need a tuner on their head?" and I didn't really pay much attention to it... Now I'm glad you posted this because I can appreciate this beautiful, versatile piece of engineering :thumbsup:
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  3. bigtone23


    Dec 10, 2014
    Denver, CO
    It is pretty well thought out. The tuner is a great addition, as well as the EQ, has different frequency centers whether there is cut or boost. For 3 band, it kind of acts like 4 or 5 band.
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  4. Wicked G

    Wicked G

    Jan 19, 2017
    Hell Paso Texas
    I'm glad you like your amp. I was very happy with it for the couple of years that I had it. If it wasn't for me purchasing the BH800, I would still be owning it today. In a way I should not miss it, but in a way I do as it did nothing wrong. Very good amp. Congrats.
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