N(to me)BD: Ken Smith BSR6MS!!

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    Mar 4, 2008
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    Hello TB, posted this in the related club forum, but wanted to share with everyone as a whole!

    Just got my new (to me) BSR6MS, built in 2007. Walnut body wings, maple neck, morado(pau ferro) fingerboard. The previous owner sent the bass back to Ken Smith to have the electronics upgraded to 18v, and have DIP switches and series/parallel switches added. Crappy pic warning...I'm excited, but I'll post some pics from my dslr later.


    Unfortunately, the owner before him had some kind of laminate/lacquer sprayed on the finger board. The finish has worn through between the 2nd and 12th frets, with some spots higher up on the neck. Any ideas on completely removing the finish will be welcome.


    I love physical representations of a bass's funk and mojo, but there was a little too much on the fingerboard, so a quick cleaning with Murphy's and #0000 steel wool brought back the shine of mordado. I didn't have any lighter fluid, so I used a lot of paper towels to soak up the Murphy's. Some lemon oil/Smith wax on the board, and wax on the body has her looking right!

    Needless to say this bass sounds amazing!! The closest I've owned is the Peavey Cirrus I sold to finance this bass. Still, the difference is night and day! I love the Cirrus and will purchase another one later, the Smith is another animal! Once the DR Fat Beams go dead on her I'll try the Ken Smith TCRM strings he suggested in my emails to him.

    Not quite the dream bass yet. The dream is a maple body, figured walnut top, maple fretboard (hopefully, I don't see it as an option on the site), Black Tiger Elite with upgraded electronics and pickup switches. One day....

    P.S. The Smith Classic Wax Polish is the cleaning/polishing product I've ever used :)
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    I like the Smith polish a lot - use it on my Foderas (heresy I know) and Rob Allen.

    Congrats on the bass. I've got a Smith 6-er en-route and have had Smith 5s in the past that I kinda wish I hadn't sold. I love the sound - in my hands they are like a P-bass with a particularly bad attitude.

    Ken may have input on the fingerboard. I prefer Smith nickel strings as I find they tame some of ping of the bass, but the morado fingerboard likely has less of that than ebony.
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    Jun 18, 2004
    Lompoc, CA
    Endorsing Artist: FEA Labs
    A GN that just showed up. While UPS was 3 days late, at least they showed up before noon...