N(U)BD - Used Squier Fretless Jazz

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  1. nickpc


    Jul 23, 2012
    North Carolina
    New (Ugly) Bass Day! Picked up this Squier Fretless Jazz for a bit more than a song today. Why? I wanted to get out of my home office for a while over lunch and ended up at Music Go Round. It's not their fault - this was priced appropriately. And if I wanted a fretless there was a perfectly nice B-Stock Squier CV 60's Fretless right next to it (for significantly more $, granted), but there was just something about this one that told me to take it home. Against all logic (and to the amusement of the crew at MGR), I did.

    Warning: if you don't like relics, or you like good relics - heck, even if you're indifferent to relics - scrolling down here will hurt a bit. Or a lot. Probably a lot...

    From a distance, not too bad. Well, the "wear" pattern is totally ridiculous, so let's get a bit closer.

    Um, yeah, how do you think a bass gets worn there? And there? And... let's get a bit closer to some of this...

    How? And why? And, well, no. Just no.

    What are those holes for? Nice (-ish?) threaded saddle bridge at least, but probably not original...

    Screwdriver relic work at it's best! Or did a dog chew on it there??

    Nothing on the back? Not even a little buckle rash? (And honestly, not an unattractive piece of wood to tell the truth)

    From the back you can hardly see how this poor bass was violated! But from the front...

    The action is horrible (the truss rod does move), the intonation is WAY off (as in not even close - I'm thinking that bridge isn't in the right spot), and I'm not sure what this fretboard material is (almost feels like plastic). But somehow I think this could turn into a decent player - when played it just has something that is begging me to let it out! Or maybe I was really hungry...

    At the very least I saved someone else from taking this thing on!
  2. 2thAche


    Sep 22, 2018
    I think this was someone's attempt at "Jaco-ing"
  3. Lo-E


    Dec 19, 2009
    Brooklyn, NY
    That “phenolic” fingerboard is, indeed, plastic. Not necessarily a bad thing, though.

    Put the bridge in the right place, put on some fresh strings on it, do a good setup and then get a box of those big band-aids for skinned knees and slap those over the wounds!
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