N.U.C.D - New York 151 RJ

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    Apr 17, 2005
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    New Used Cab Day - NY 151 RJ


    So I got a fair CL deal on a pretty clean Markbass Randy Jackson 15. At 37lbs., it’s light enough to schlepp with one hand. It fits nicely under my CMD 121p combo but I think it sounds a little better with my GK 700rbii.

    The sound at low to medium levels is fantastic. Solid lows, pleasing mids, and clean highs with the tweeter. I had it with my CMD combo on a jazz upright gig yesterday and it sounded very good. The real test will be if this thing can stand alone on a louder blues or reggae gig.

    The tolex is in pretty good shape - but the corners are interesting. They’re leather and tacked on. I’ve got two that already came off. Gonna need to visit a craft store for some replacement tacks and a bottle of heavy duty gorilla glue.


    Anybody else gig on one of these? I might try to find a matching RJ cab - or maybe trade for a regular NY 151 to better match my 121 cabs.
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